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Predict your romantic and financial future until lifetime

Video and text by Astrologer Villy

In these uncertain times, get an exclusive insight into your future and learn how to predict on your own two of the most important topics in life – Love and Money, especially for yourself, based on your date, place and time of birth! And learn to do it for each year until you are alive!

It`s a recorded video so don`t worry in case you have unpredictable schedule. You don`t need to know any Astrology (but if you know a little bit – better). You don`t need to have any professional Astrology software either but you will still have the chart you need to analyze in front of you and I will teach you how to do it easy and comprehensively.

So what am I exactly talking about? Well, I am talking about your Venus Return chart. Why Venus? Well, because Venus rules all those most important things in life like Love and romance, relationships, beauty, luxuries in life, social life, parties, all the things that bring us the most pleasure and joy actually, and of course, money and possessions.

Venus returns to the same position it was when we were born each year so we will usually have one Venus Return per year. But if Venus happens to be retrograde around our Venus Return – then we might have up till 3 Venus Returns per year. But don`t worry as with this exclusive tutorial video you will learn to read all of them. And not only for the coming year. You will actually learn to predict your money and Love according to your unique birth details for all the coming years ahead for a lifetime!!!

People born with Sun or Ascendant sign in Taurus or Libra or people with Venus in Taurus or in Libra in their natal charts regardless of their Sun or Ascendant sign are extremely sensitive to the Venus Return but it`s actually important for everybody as it gives clues about what to expect in terms of Love and money within the coming year.

And after the success of the Money potential in the birth chart analyses last year and after lots of research and exploration of hundreds of charts, I decided to create for you something even more interesting and useful, something that will guide you along your path throughout your whole life. And I am sure that my Venus Return tutorial video will become kind of a best friend for you in predicting your romantic and financial future.

I have reduced the use of Astrology terms to the minimum because I want to be beneficial to you to the maximum. I give lots of detailed explanations and I am sure that everybody would be able to understand me without any doubt.

People in my country tell me that I am a very good teacher and they are probably right - I have Jupiter-Saturn conjunction exact in my 10th house of career (Saturn exalted in Libra) and Mercury in the sign it rules – Gemini (Mercury rules my 7th house of relationships and my 10th house of career).

So if you are curious to know what round the corner is for you in terms of Love and money – get the video now from here

If a person doesn`t know any Astrology and eventually experiences some difficulty with starting exploring alone their Venus Return chart for the current period – no worries. I also offer it as a separate service for the price of 99$. So you could do your first ever Venus Return chart reading together with me until you get used to it and feel confident to do it all by yourself in the future.

Wishing you and wishing myself as well many happy Venus Returns aheadJ

Love and Light,

Astrologer Villy

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Predict your romantic and financial future until lifetime!

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