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A Guide to the Astrology of RELATIONSHIPS

Video and text by Astrologer Villy

LOVE is definitely the greatest power of all and it is never out of fashion. But relationships seem to be difficult nowadays for most of the people. We meet somebody, fall in LOVE head over heels and then suddenly and unexpectedly everything falls apart…

We all know that nobody crosses our path and comes into our life by mere coincidence. Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle and is part of our growth and evolution. But how to know whether we will grow in a happy way or we will grow in a painful way? And if we know that somebody is not for us – why should we lose our time at all? Time is precious. Our own time, energy and emotions are even more precious.

Well, the answer hides in this Synastry Guide I am about to offer for you. Synastry is the part of Astrology which is dedicated on Relationships. It`s a fascinating and illuminating study of how two people interact with each other.

And how do we judge about this? How do we explore this? Well, we create a Synastry chart which is actually the combination of two individual birth charts overlaid on one another. It gives us an insight into the dynamics of the relationship of these two people and explores their compatibility. It also tells us about the potential for Love and endurance and whether the Relationship of these two people is meant to stay longer in their lives or to go away as soon as they resolve some old karma. You will learn how two people attract, which aspects signify only attraction and which aspects signify that this attraction will grow into a serious relationship and probably marriage. Also, which aspects are almost always present in a marriage. And something very interesting – is it possible that one of the partners has stronger feelings for us and loves more, and how to know this?

You don`t need to know the time of birth of your partner in order to answer all of the above questions but if you know it – better. But you need to know at least your time of birth as we always start with the birth chart.

It`s a recorded video again (this time 1 hour and a half) so don`t worry in case you have unpredictable schedule. You don`t need to know any Astrology (but if you know a little bit – better). You don`t need to have any professional Astrology software either but you will still have the chart you need to analyze in front of you and I will teach you how to do it easy and comprehensively.

So take this opportunity, get the video from here and start exploring your romantic relationship nowJ

Love and Light,

Astrologer Villy

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A Guide to the Astrology of RELATIONSHIPS

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