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Working with SOLAR and LUNAR Returns

webinar by Villy

Become your own Astrologer and learn how to predict your new personal year ahead (besides each year for a lifetime!!!) month by month exactly for yourself, based on your unique birth details – date, place and time of birth that probably nobody else has the same in the world!

And as promised, here I am with another useful tutorial video for you – this time about the Solar and Lunar Returns.

It`s a recorded video again so don`t worry if you have unpredictable schedule.

First, I would like to thank you all for your positive feedback after the Venus return tutorial video and I will not hide – it`s also one of my favorite predictive tools as it gives me an insight into two of the most important topics in life – Love and money.

But the Solar and Lunar Returns are also important. Most of you probably know that a Solar return chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment the Sun returns at the same position by sign and degree it was when you were born. This chart detects the 1-year time period between your two birthdays and could be read much like a natal chart but must be kept in mind that it is in effect for 1 year only.

The Sun will be always at the same sign and degree as your natal Sun but it will be in a different house and if wherever the Sun is placed in your birth chart is where you're meant to shine your light for your entire life, the position of the Sun in your Solar Return chart will be where you will shine your light specifically for that year you explore. Will this specific year be good for you or not? What exactly will happen and when (the timing of the events)? What does it mean for this specific year to have a Solar Return Ascendant in the critical 0 or 29C of any sign? And what does it mean to be in a mutable sign? Will it be a year of changes if it falls in the sign of Scorpio for example?

We all know that Scorpio is a fixed sign…How about the cardinal signs? How important are the planets on the angles, the conjunctions between Solar Return angles and natal planets or vice versa (Natal chart angles with Solar Return planets) or the conjunctions between Solar and natal planets and what do they show? Answers to these and other questions you will find in this tutorial video.

It`s much more extensive than the first one and features two more presentations (apart from one covering the Sun shining each of the 12 houses, the Rulers and all of the 12 houses with their significance in Astrology, here you will also find presentations on all of the 12 Ascendant signs and all of the planets and their core meaning). So don`t worry if you don`t know any Astrology or if you don`t have professional Astrology software – you will still be able to understand everything and later on to practice it and navigate your life.

At the end of the video, I also give you guidance on how to work with Lunar returns and to make your own monthly predictions especially for yourself based on your unique birth details – date, place and time of birth.

I am sure this video will be an incredibly useful tool to add to your astrological toolbox for prediction. And the good thing is that you will be able to look into your future until you are alive!

It will be even more useful if you connect your Solar Return chart with the Venus Return chart for the period 

In most of the cases you will see repeating patterns which confirms and increases the importance and the power of the events that are shown in both of the charts and that will very likely happen.

And if you want to go deeper, of course you could always order a detailed yearly prognosis either with me or with another Astrologer chosen by you. Me personally, apart from the Return charts, in order to create an extensive yearly prognosis for a client, I always refer to the directions, progressions and of course to the transits, especially to those that repeat an aspect in your birth chart or that repeat twice or three times during one year. They always signify important events that will happen. Those specific transits are also shown in your Solar return chart and I will teach you how to spot them.

So, get the video from the payment button below and start predicting the next chapter of your exciting life now! 

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Many Blessings,

Astrologer Villy

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Working with SOLAR and LUNAR Returns

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