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Gemini taro Cards for Today


Use your talents to the fullest, you will be very productive!


You are taking a leadership position or recommended to do so!


Appreciate beauty!
The sun passes through the sign of Gemini every year from about the 21st of May till the 22nd of June. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Gemini for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Gemini then this is the sector to explore! (to find out in what signs these 3 points are in your Astrology Horoscope, go to my Birth Chart calculator).

Gemini is considered the most skilled of all signs. If, for example, you have one or two planets in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus or Mercury) you will be better and more capable at whatever you are doing than others doing the same, without Gemini in their Horoscope. It is the only sign, which brings the gift of new ideas coupled with the practical ability to implement these. All other signs are either Idea or Know- how centered but not both ways!

Gemini strong people are often so versatile and learn so quickly that they have multiple talents and interests but this can be sometimes confusing as they can spread their energy too thinly and not be able to focus on just one thing, so they must find a way to manage this tendency.

Usually Gemini will choose careers which are more dynamic, offer the possibility for movement, mentally stimulation and variety, otherwise they can starts withering in repetitive environments.

The ancient symbol of Gemini was a man and woman, not twins as it is now. It is again about the dual nature of humans, but mostly about the feminine and masculine energies within us and their interplay, that is the reason that Gemini are often some of the most flirtations people (especially if you have either Venus, Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Gemini) who can be interested in opposite sex till very old age with the same fervor as when young.
Gemini horoscope people love interaction with others, parties, forums, chats, etc, as they thrive on this exchange of energy and information with people and especially the opposite sex.

This keen interests in human life, is what keeps Gemini young in heart and looks till much later! They are the Peter Pans of the Zodiac.