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In a series of 12 articles we will examine all the 12 colors and signs and how you can use this knowledge to affect instant or gradual changes in your character, moods, health and states. We are entering the zone of practical "magic" which "simple" people of old times used daily. This week we are revealing the secrets of the color turquoise and its ascociation with Gemini.

Gemini Colors: Turquoise and Sky Blue. Color Therapy with Blue

Gemini Colors: Turquoise and Sky Blue. Color Therapy with Blue
Sky Blue and Turquoise are the colors of Gemini and they sooths and calm the planet which rules Gemini-Mercury.


Mercury is the mind of a person. The lower mind which deals with practical matters, managing daily affairs, business matters, rationalizing, analyzing, combining, comparing, planning. So whenever you feel as if any of these functions has become too imbalanced, overpowering or stimulating, all you need to do is go out in nature and sit and watch the blue sky or sea if there is one close to you for 10-15 minutes. When your mind is too active and you cannot relax or fall asleep at night, you are worrying a lot about details, or constantly thinking an obsessive thought on a loop like an annoying tune that can’t get out of your mind, or you have been studying for so long that you think your head will explode and nothing is coming in or out, then Gemini’s Sky Blue or Turquoise color is your savior! If there is place around you with open sky stretches, then you can google Sky Blue/Turquoise on your laptop and look at it for a few minutes, it will have a similar effect. Short sessions of Sky watching therapy is particularly recommended for students revising for exams, as those 10 minute breaks every 2 hours will help your mind recover so fast you can cram information twice as efficiently in half the time. Also it is very important that parents of younger children take them when the sky is clear as much as possible as this will help the mind (Mercury)of the child to develop more harmoniously.

Mercury is the planet of better communications and expressing your thoughts, so if your career requires communications, talking or writing or if you have problems communicating with others, saying what you really think, speaking your truth, finding the right words and expressions or even having a stammering/stuttering problem, wear some turquoise stones or carry them in your pockets: like Blue Lace Agate, Aventurine, Amazonite, Have a Sky Blue/Turquoise screen saver on your computer, paint a wall at home in those nuances or take live close to the ocean/sea.

Mercury rules the lungs and breathing process, so for people who have problems with these, like inflamed lungs, asthma or any other difficulty breathing, watching Blue, staring at the sky, wearing blue colored natural gems or stones or incorporating these colors in yor life will releave these pains. Mercury also rules the nervous system, therefore over stimulated, stressed and anxious nerves, panic attacks and OCD states will also benefit tremendously from the calming effect of Sky Blue. I used to suffer from panic attacks due to my overly active and stressed mind(badly aspected mercury in the horoscope) and the only thing which would calm me down was staring at the sky or placing a stone of Blue Lace Agate on my throat: within 20-30 minutes my breathing you start calming down and so would my nerves.

So if you have an overly stimulated, restless and too talkative child, or a very cummunication shy child, which is fearful or saying what it wants or speaking to others (usually it can be due to blockages of Gemini planets) then you can rebalance this with sky blue/turquise tones and activities like swimming, sky staring.

Wearing those color clothes will really make you more open to learning new things, experiment more, allowing your mind to be more flexible and adaptible and to express your self better. I love wearing those colors or stones were I have readings with clients or when I am shooting videos because they help me find the right words and my thought is flowing!

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