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The Aspects

Foundational astrology course

by AstroLada    

"Тhis aspect class is AMAZING! I've gotten so spoiled on quality. There are other courses that charge $100 on a 4 - 6 hr class that covers wayyyyyy less content and this was just the first class!” Jaymie Y.

The sessions are RECORDED! 


PRICE $399

You will receive links to:
 -60-70 hours of video classes
- written manual for aspects
- written Interpretations of all aspects 
- very in depth written interpretations of all 1st house ruler aspects
- email answers from Lada if you have questions about the material 

The best and in depth astrology class on aspects

We cover every possible aspect as per western and vedic astrology between:

The rulers of each house with the ruler of another 

The ruler of each house with the planets (Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Rahu and Ketu)

We will not be covering the typical aspects just between planets: like Venus square Moon, we will cover the way more specific and personal combinations between house rulers and planets. 

At the end of this online course you will be able to see and interpret specific life situations and events. 

Here is an example:

The ruler of the 5th opposition the ruler of the 9th: according to vedic astrology yogas, this creates a wealth yoga: good creative ideas and knowledge combine together with a mutual aspect to indicate a person who can benefit materially by their own brilliant mind / intelligence(5th house), high education and open mindedness

According to western astrology the opposition is more challenging and can manifest as clashing beliefs (9th) with your first born or romantic partners (5th), one’s high school education is not very aligned with the university degree one would search so compromise or adaptation of some sort might be needed. 

High education and the needs of your children might clash: for example taking a degree might clash with the demands of raising a child, so such a situation will be more challenging but not insurmountable when one learns to balance both. Another way it can manifest is like a challenge to a romantic relationship because of some long distance travel/relocation or educational endeavor. 

Ruler of 5th house opposition Saturn: one’s romantic partnerships can be with older partners or an age difference. Possible traumas from romantic partners due to more cruel actions. Delays in love. Children can be delayed till later in life. First child might have strong Saturnian qualities: be more serious, reserved, a bit more personal karma to resolve with the firstborn which can play out like resistance,/ stubbornness on their side. Raising children can be accompanied with many responsibilities. One’s romantic and fun activities can be restricted by outer circumstances or many responsibilities. One needs to find balance between fun (5th house ruler) and Saturn (responsibilities, sense of guild for indulging in fun, etc). 

We will cover absolutely all aspects and time stamp them. You can use this course as a life long reference catalogue for your astrology analyses. 

Included is a FREE book on aspects between rulers and planets, written by  Astrolada & Anelia. Market Value: $39 


TESTIMONIALS from clients that took the course:

"This course has been a game changer in terms of how I read birth charts! Aspects and rulerships really highlight areas of a birth chart that may not be so initially obvious. Lada gave so many specific details in this course, and examples in reading other charts. The homework assignments were really helpful as well, and really helped build a strong foundation on the types of yogas and aspects in birth charts. The knowledge from this course has given me more clarity on how I work, how I relate to others, and so much more. I can't thank Lada enough for this amazing course!"

Thank you Lada! I look forward to more of your courses :)

Have a great summer!

Best regards,

McKenna "


" I absolutely loved this course and the depth of Lada's knowledge that she shared here with us is incredible! It was a true honor to study with her and to be able to learn from somebody with such an expansive expertise of Astrology. I love how authentic and transparent Lada is and very much appreciate her sharing private stories and examples from her life as a way of explanation which made this course a very intimate and also familiar experience.

I've been following Lada on her YouTube channel for a while now and I have a lot of respect for her as an Astrologer, light-worker and human being. She's an incredible woman and I highly recommend any/all of her courses because the detailed knowledge she offers to share is hard to come by from other resources. I personally purchased many of Lada's courses and webinars and each time my expectations were not only met, but literally blown away. 

This has been an incredible journey and I will be looking forward to many others yet to come.

Lots of love, blessings and gratitude to Lada, her family and colleagues who made all this possible. 

Many Thanks 

Mila "

" I am long time follower of yours, Lada. It has been at least 9 years I follow your content on Youtube. 

Because of my strong interest in astrology, I finally decided to dive deep in this ocean of ancient knowledge. 

And deep-dive I did :D. I even purchased secrets of the twelve signs course and secrets of the twelve houses course. 

I have long, long hours of study ahead of me and I know that every minute is going to be worth it. 

Thank you very much for all the knowledge you are giving to all of those who are thirsty for astrology. 

Liga "

" Thank you so much for this course - it was fantastic. It was full of knowledge, full of information, practical guidelines and analysis. I love your approach to teaching, explaining and patience! You were also so open to our questions or suggestions.

Thank you so much :)

Best wishes and good luck with the relocation!

Zosia D. "

" I absolutely loved this course. Lada is an amazing teacher, making all secrets of astrology clear and practical. She posseses an outstanding amount of knowledge and she is so generous in her way of sharing it all. I will definitely take all her astrology lessons from now on! Thank you Lada for being so inspiring.

Julie "



The Aspects Foundations astrology


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