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NEW Unique & Fascinating Relationship Patterns of the 12 Signs! 1st & 2nd Marriages.

mini course by AstroLada


$9.99 ONLY TILL MAY 15th 2024 

In this 90 minute tutorial I share fascinating observations about the marriage or long term partnerships of the 12 ascendants/ moon signs. 

These insights are based on the relationships between the 12 houses from your Moon or rising sign and the interesting fact that the 7th house of relationships is intricately connected by its ruler to another of your 12 houses. 

For example for Libra rising their 7th house of marriage/ long term partnerships and 2nd house of money have the same ruler- Mars. This immediately connects their financial state to the vibration of their relationships. For example if their own finances are strong, they can more easily attract a partner. If their financial situation can really change after marriage or business partnerships. 

I share with your such interesting correlations in regards to all the 12 signs and what you can expect from 1st and 2nd marriages. 


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Unique & Fascinating Relationship Patterns of the 12 Signs! 1st & 2nd Marriages


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