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How to make the best deals and form the best partnerships


webinar with Ian Altosaar


WAS LIVE 23rd May 2021




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A lot of pivotal moments in our lives are defined by negotiations and deals.

Be it a salary negotiation, or even agreements about equity in a company. Or rights to Your brand name for example.

These can break our business or catapult us into new heights. Even if we consider salary negotiations. There’s a huge difference if You take 10% or even 30% less. It will generally influence Your earning ability for a long time.

Some simple math shows You that if You ask for 2000$ a month but receive 1800$, each year You will be making 2400$ less. Which could be saved or invested for Your benefit instead.

In a capitalistic system we need to consider these matters. We also need to be aware of our position and the leverage we have in the situation.

And even to ask for these sums of money requires knowing Your worth in the world and the options available to You.

Did You know that You can influence these meetings with astrology? And give Yourself a leg up in difficult and emotionally charged situations.

Example of a person’s chart who was severely undercharging for their services.

Venus is in its fall position in Scorpio and in conjunction with Pluto. This can immediately cause ups and downs in the worth area of a person’s life. As well as lead to extreme lows (the person thinking that they are completely worthless, on some occasions extreme highs as well). Unfortunately, this led to this specific individual to ask for too little for their services. They could not see their true value (it was suppressed because of Scorpio and Pluto combining).

And remember, we are dealing with the 9th house = issues with the father(9th house is the father in Vedic astrology). Father not being able to give the confidence to the person to be able to believe in themselves.

After helping this person to see more of their worth (and understand that they have leverage in the
situation), they were able to increase their earning ability (through series of negotiations, with different companies) to a whopping 90%! This is huge but huge also because they started so low! They were so blind and unable to see their own magnificence.

Example of timing these meetings and evaluating potential meetings as well as meetings in the past.

We can see that the ruler of the 1st house is Venus in the 9th house. We have two rulers for the 7th, Mars, and Pluto.

Mars and Venus are in a separating trine (Venus is on 5 degrees of Capricorn and Mars on 3 degrees of Taurus). The meeting was very pleasant, both parties enjoyed the meeting, and the company made even two offers for the individual. The individual decided to refuse the initial offers.

We can also see that Pluto and Venus are in an applying conjunction. A possibility that they are going to meet in the future, with some other deal or might reach an agreement later. This also needs to be
considered. This is what also happened. The company contacted the person again and started a new wave of negotiations which culminated in an agreement.

In this brand-new course on How to make the best deals and form the best partnerships I will teach You how to get clear on the position You are in, and what to do about it if You are in a place not to Your liking.

I will bring astrological aspects and configurations to be mindful of and what You need to do about them to succeed in negotiations, contract situations, etc. Where help can come from and what to look for.

I will also show how to time meetings and read charts of past meetings. I will bring in themes from Electional astrology and Horary (in my experience these worlds can be combined) to see if there’s a chance of You getting an offer or reaching an agreement with a company. Or even both. And even what situations You can ask for more during negotiations with the potential of getting it (and when it’s hard to get more).

We will also look at the deeper side of the situation. Or self-worth. What are important configurations that lead to low self-worth and some real-life examples on how people have shifted their attitude towards themselves, which then lead to more material achievement in the real world.

What You will get:

A LIVE webinar with me, Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer (it will probably take around 4-5 hours to work through all the material) where we talk about negotiations, leverage, deals, astrology, aspects, timing, and self-worth.

An e-book with the material, so it is easier to follow the webinar and You don’t have to constantly take notes (market value $25).

Who is this for:

People interested in getting what they are worth in the marketplace.

Scholars of astrology who want to take their game to the next level in the material, tangible world.

Prerequisites for the course:

Some knowledge about planets, houses, aspects, and signs (otherwise it will be more difficult for You to follow the course, I will bring in more advanced concepts like the essential dignity table etc.)

Desire, willingness, and openness to learn new things.

Bring an open mind, I will put together two worlds, the material and the esoteric.

Hope to see You soon!

Ian Altosaar, The Freedom Astrologer

How to make the best deals and form the best partnerships


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