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When Will Love Come? The Astrological Timing of Relationships

webinar by Kesenya


Price $120

You will receive a 4 hour course and workbook covering the following topics:

Readiness for relationships

Knowing what we want


Vedic Astrology Triggers

General Triggers

Maturation of the planets

Western Astrology Triggers

Profection Triggers

Transit Triggers

Progression Triggers


Solar Return Triggers

Planetary Return


Who this course is for:

Astrologers or students of astrology who would like to diversify their knowledge

Anyone wanting to understand the techniques used to assess the timing of relationships and committed partnerships astrologically

Those with a high level of understanding of the way astrology works in the Western and Vedic systems. Please consider taking my other introductory courses if you need to. 

This course is not for:

Anyone wanting an individual astrology reading

Anyone not interested in taking responsibility for their relationship experiences 

Anyone against self work 

Anyone looking to illegally share this course and invite in karmic debt to their lives


What you will receive:

A course workbook with tables, tools and information used throughout the webinar.

Exclusive permanent access to the 4 hour webinar video - you can revisit the information as many times as you need to!

©Kesenya Moore.All rights reserved. 


When Will Love Come? The Astrological Timing of Relationships


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