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NEW The 5 Connected Life Patterns for Your Rising Sign 

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4 Hours, all 12 signs 

by AstroLada

Simple Solutions to Complex Questions using just the Rising Sign! 

Observing people I started noticing patterns which repeat for those with the same Rising sign or Moon or Sun. 

For example Scorpio rising people would meet on their path in life more enemies, problems and conflicts than normal and most often would end up conquering them at the end. 

The reason behind this is because for Scorpio the 6th house which rules all these things is also ruled by the same planet -Mars, which gives them more poignant animosities and conflicts but also the vigor and energy to eventually win over these. They would tireless attack (Mars)
 their own short comings till their purify them (6th house). 

Or Aquarius rising people would often spend prolonged periods in their life either living abroad or in some kind of self imposed isolation away from the madding crowds. The reason for this is that Saturn rules their 1st house (self) and 12th house (isolation/ foreign places). They also tend to become more and more spiritual (12th) and dedicate themselves to introspection (12th) with age (Saturn)
. But their financial success (2nd) depends on their social network and large groups (11th house- same ruler -Jupiter), so they have put themselves out there too!

Or Taurus rising (sun or Moon) people would unlock their material stability potential (2nd house) after having a child (5th house also ruled by the same planet as the 2nd-Mercury). And generally are more likely to make money from their creative talents and hobbies (2nd and 5th house connection through the same ruler).  

Or Libra rising (or sometimes sun or Moon) people’s finances (2nd house) would increase or change drastically after marriage or business partnerships (7th house ruler =2nd house ruler- Mars). 

Another example: Cancer Rising (Sun or Moon) would be more likely to increase gains (11th) from real estate or family or after having a family (4th house Venus =11th house). 

Every rising sign has such 5 connected life patterns, because 10 of their 12 houses are ruled by the same 5 planets! 

It is not only fascinating to explore and be aware of how one part of life is mysteriously connected with and impacting another very different dimension of our life, but to use this occult information to improve your life! 

I started using this principle and saw fast and sometimes miraculous results! 

This is how it can be implemented. Say you are Aries Rising but have some persistent health issue or imbalance/self medicating (6th house). But you have so much resistance in that area that just thinking about it, makes you feel down. 

Then you should focus your energy to the other house ruled by the same planet (Mercury)- the 3rd house. Make efforts in that area consciously if you have less resistance there- improve relationship with your siblings, neighbors, mates, help your local neighborhood in some task, or learn new skills or anything 3rd house you can think- like doing short trips, starting to journal about positive things or make a blog about something, etc. 

In this way you start raising the vibration of the planet which also rules your problematic 6th house and gradually your resistance to health related matters (6th house) will also untangle and you will see faster improvements there. 

Or say you are having financial problems (2nd house) for Pisces rising. The other house ruled by Mars for you is the 9th- why don’t you connect to someone from abroad or even go work abroad? Or go do a prequalifying educational course, or even start teaching or going to scared places all 9th house matters which will quickly raise your wealth vibration too (2nd house). 

Or say you are Leo rising with relationship problems (7th house) then focus your attention to your 6th house which is also ruled by Saturn. Take care of an old (Saturn)
 pet (6th) or help those in need, especially the elderly or poor (Saturn ruler of 6th). Or another simple remedy- start cleaning your house more or even better - do a schedule to clean together with your partner (6th house- cleaning-7th house partnerships). Or focus on taking care of your health with some wholesome long term habits (saturn ruler of 6th), eventually you will see the problematic relationship start to improve or leave your life! 

Last example: if you are Gemini rising and going through a big shock in life (divorce, bankruptcy, death of someone - 8th house matters), then one of the best ways you can do is focus on the other house ruled by the same planet Saturn- the 9th house- take a long distance trip, start a degree or course, dive into higher knowledge or spiritual disciplines. All such activities will help you rise from the grief and shock of the 8th house more gracefully and faster. 

In this way I cover all 10 connected life areas for every rising sign (you can also apply it to your Sun and Moon). 

I share which life areas are intrinsically affecting each other for better or worse and how to increase the positive manifestation of every one of these areas you might have resistance to, by working with the connected life theme! 

It is a 4 hour in-depth tutorial, full of incredible practical and exciting solutions and explanations of many life situations and the way to handle them, by knowing the deep connections.

Every sign is covered for 20-30 minutes! 

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The 5 Connected Life Patterns for Your Rising Sign

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