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Interpreting the natal chart. The AstroLada method 

6 recorded sessions with Lada



The Live events are NOW RECORDED!!!

The Course started in the beginning of May 2022 and ended Mid June 2022

All sessions are NOW recorded and available for review :)

How do you start seeing the whole picture and make sense of the horoscope? 

You have learned separate elements from the natal horoscope- your know your Sun and Moon signs maybe, you know the influence of some aspects, the meaning of the houses or planets in a house, but how do you put all of this together in a way which will make sense, answer specific practical or psychological questions for the person and help them find the best course of action, thinking, etc?

How do you identify the potentials and talents of the native in a jumble of symbols of separate meanings?

How do you reconcile contradictory patterns and combinations in the horoscope?

Where do you start your analysis? 

What is the most important influence in the horoscope?

How do you see whole life themes and analyze them: from love, money, talents, etc.

After 2 decades of learning multiple astrology traditions, testing the most affective ones and applying to them to thousands of clients and friends, I have decided to share with you my very eclectic and unique method of interpreting the natal chart! 

This will not be material you see in typical astrology classes or books, because I have selected methods from many traditions which reaffirm and complete each other and your wholistic understanding of the chart. 

This is the Astrolada method which utilizes the best, fastest and SIMPLEST techniques of interpreting the natal map.

It includes methods of modern psychological astrology, ancient Vedic, Greek and Babylonian astrology, traditional western astrology, evolutionary astrology, esoteric astrology.

Since I have a strong Aries Stellium, I love simple, fast and result producing techniques and methods, which don’t bog you down in details, and a labyrinth of complex associations. With practice you should be able to start seeing patterns and meanings at a glance and to boldly declare this! 

After many years of practice, I have noticed that the answers to what might seem complex questions, are often found in the most basic astrological techniques! 

The foundational astrology tool set! 

Many times we focus and get distracted by many astrology details: like a single aspect, asteroids, minor aspects, complex point systems, mid points, etc, and try and answer big life questions with these! 

But we forget the most fundamental elements of astrology and simple methods which actually show the situation! 

Self evident methods, which we sometimes feel too sophisticated in our knowledge to use, are actually the most effective! 

Some of the best astrologers I know, always answer a question at a glance, using the simplest of techniques! 
For example: I had a client who said she had lower energy and felt guilty she could not force her self to be more ambitious and go getting! 

She told me that an astrologer said to her it was because of her Pluto semisquare to her Sun and because her Sun was on a Neptune Venus midpoint so she was lazy…..! The astrologer recommended her psychological counseling and delving into her childhood traumas and later love betrayals! 


Why complicate and burden the person so much! 

The real reason was way simpler and self evident! This lady simply had no planets in fire signs and a retrograde Mars! Her battery was naturally lower! Not everyone is born with the same level of energy and drive! Once she found this, she was so relieved that it was not something she was doing wrong, but that she was just wired this way! 
Of course, I suggested simple practical ways of bringing in more fire into her life, from regular small level exercise to more spicy foods and brighter colors. 

But the most important lessons for her was that, if her soul chose to incarnate with no fire, but gave her copious air and water elements, her purpose was more intellectual and subtle, emotion driven, than physical and go getting! 

She was a journalist who wrote about touching and emotionally captivating topics and she was using her elements wonderfully! 

Her south node (past lives) was in Aries square her retrograde Mars- it looked to me like she was a Viking life warrior in a few past lives, with abundant and even ferocious energy, and now her soul blocked access to these so she can focus on the subtler expressions of her soul. 

This is just a very simple example of how we miss the big picture by getting bogged down in small details. 

That’s exactly what I want to teach you! To be as helpful and well prepared with tools but also very fast and hit straight at the bull’s eye! 

This course will help you:
-learn the most important western and Vedic techniques and considerations in the natal chart interpretation
-you will have a set of the most practical, quick and best result giving tools which you can apply! 
-make sense of the separate elements of the charts and how to put them together.
-Identify  repeating patterns and themes
-combine together separate methods to see the whole picture: for example how to combine the meanings of houses and signs. Say you have no earth, but a few planets in earth houses…well then you will not have the most practical and safe approach to life but you will definitely have high involvement in many practical and material themes like money, career, etc. 
-interpret, analyze and give solutions to specific life themes: love, career, money, health, lifestyle, property…

I will be giving multiple real life examples to make it all become alive and small home-works to start making sense of this.

First we will learn separate elements and techniques and I will show you how to put them together! And as my teacher Ernst Wilhelm says: “learn many simple tools to perfection, and then your intuition will start almost subconsciously picking the right one for a reading / consultation/ advice! You will be surprise by your own insightfulness!”

Let me give you another example! 
The other day I was at the hair dresser! She started sharing with me that she has psychic abilities and hears her guides and knows she was a healer and can heal people just with a focused thought , and that she feels guilty that she does not want to work professionally with these gifts. 

I opened her charts to see if she is actually on the wrong path with her hair dressing business and has to go all healer mode. But even before going into details and aspects and whatnot, what jumped at me, was her North node position in Gemini in the 2nd house and her south node position in Sagittarius, conjunct Uranus in the 8th house. 

The south node shows what we have done in past lives. Well, she surely was an astrologers, esoteric(Uranus) teacher (Sagittarius)
 and healer (8th house) in a past life. But doing the same thing now, would only make her feel stuck. Why do the same things twice?

Her north node is in Gemini- a hands on business (she literally uses her hands) where she can make her own money, learn the practical side of life and how to be materially proficient and focus on creating beauty (2nd house). She is doing what her soul wants her to learn! Done! Simple…

She can still use the psychic and occult talents of her past lives, but apply them to every day life and helping those in her near environment (Gemini) and in achieving material stability (2nd house). 

I am so excited to teach you my simple, fast Aries method of astrology! Sometimes you will be able to answer the same question through a few different techniques and most often they will reaffirm the message! This will give even more conviction to your message and it’s power! 

Let’s see what the course will include:

    ⁃    Elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth
    ⁃    Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, mutable 
    ⁃    Female / Male signs, houses, sectors, 
    ⁃    East, West, North, South sectors of the horoscope
    ⁃    Yoga patterns: how many planets in signs, shapes of charts, houses 
    ⁃    Sun, Moon Ascendant, ascendant Ruler 
    ⁃    Mahapurusha yogas (are you a pure incarnation of a planet)
    ⁃    Planets on angles
    ⁃    Stelliums 
    ⁃    Fixed stars and how they indicate an outstanding talent of destiny! 
    ⁃    Major Aspect patterns: bi-sextiles, grand Trines, tsquares, grand squares, Kites, mystic rectangles 
    ⁃    North and South nodes: the karmic lessons!! these are often what clients talk about the most without realizing!

You can often answer some of the most important questions in life just from the nodes!! 
    ⁃    Combust (invisible planets) 
    ⁃    Retrograde and direct planets 
    ⁃    Empty houses 
    ⁃    Combining signs and houses 
    ⁃    Planet of least resistance (best aspected planet) 
    ⁃    Difficult combinations and a way out of them. 
    ⁃    Life themes analysis: love, money, career, health, family/property


The last 2-3 classes we will focus exclusively on whole themes and what to look at. If there are brave volunteers we can discuss their charts too! 

I have to warn you that I will not be giving the meanings of every aspect, house, sign or planet position in this course. I have already done this in my previous 3 course on signs, planets, houses and aspects. (More than 180 hours together). 

I will instead supply you with a manual which gives the meanings of every house and planet. 

We will focus on putting the knowledge of these into practice and make a story or see patterns.


TESTIMONIALS from satisfied clients who took the course: 

"I love this course and the way you teach. You present the material in a clear and straightforward way, showing how to combine and apply the knowledge. The analysis of the chart doesn't seem to be difficult any longer. lt's not only about the expertise but also the kindness and loving approach you convey. Thank you so much! " - Josia D. 

Interpreting the natal chart. The AstroLada method


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