Family Dynamics and Karmic Signatures

6 hour webinar with Viktor 

Family Dynamics and Karmic Signatures with Viktor


In our lives the most important thing is family. 
When a baby is born, the very first person you have a psychological bond is your mother.
Her state of mind has already forming the infant to be born's personality in the womb.
60% of our personality traits are formed in the first 7 years of our lives

You will learn how to see:

- what type of family you came from
- what blockages you gained as a child
- possible ways to override those blockages
- the meaning of the parental axis in our chart
- what planet rules the parents

We will discover the power of composite chart.
Studying the composite chart of any relationship can give us insight of the dynamics of the couple.
It is derived by determining the mathematical points between 2 charts and it shows us what blockages we might have created.


Price : ONLY WEBINAR $115




Date: 15th November 5pm Budapest time or 6pm EEST 

WEBINAR + 30 MIN READING with Viktor $190

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ONLY WEBINAR Family Dynamics and Karmic Signatures $115

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