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Webinar with Trifon Nikolov 

This is more advanced astrology! For Intermediary and advanced students. People who have some experience in astrology and understand aspects, inter-aspects and dignities will have no problem with this course.

This course uses ancient Egyptian, Hellenistic and Arabic techniques.  Trifon's prefered zodiac is Siderial, but you can use the knowledge from this webinar with Tropical zodiac too. 

This will not be your usual compatibility astrology course-comparing signs of Venus or aspects between the planets. In this Webinar ancient astrologer Trifon Nikolov and Astrolada teach you how to calculate special points of love, eros, passion, desire, marriage and how to compare them with important planets or points in the horoscope of your partner. Astrologers usually tell you that, if you have your Moon with someone's Sun, you are soul mates and meant to be together, but so many people have such a combination and no attraction or spark to lead them to a lasting relationship or even any kind of intimate hook up. 
Only the arabic love points show the most passionate, loving and desirous areas in your horoscope, which, if triggered by another person, indicate more than just a friendship!
Join us in this 2-3 hour extensive webinar to find out:
The point of Passion (gives insatiable desire for your partner)
The point of Love and concord (gives soul mate love and deep understanding)
The point of Eros (sensual attraction)
The point of Marriage for men (who a man is meant to marry)
The point of Marriage for women (who a woman is meant to marry)
3-4 other love Arabic points which indicate intense chemistry and love
Compatibility will become a piece of cake for you, armed with just these few powerful points, you can forget about the complicated inter-aspects, synastry charts, sign comparisons. After experimenting with these simple parts you will likely never again use other techniques for compatibility and assessing love!

Compatibility for Lovers and Marriage


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