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Classic Predictive Techniques Made Easy for MODERN TIMES!

30 Hours, 10 Modules (weeks) of the most POTENT Predictive systems in the world, used by the astrologers of the kings and the royals!

Viktor is joined by Astrolada to teach this course.

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You need to know foundations of astrology: meanings of signs, planets, aspects, houses. You have to be familiar with your own natal chart, so you can test the techniques on your chart.


The course starts on April 17th, you can watch it live or recorded after. We will aim to do one module every 2 weeks. You will be informed and sent a link about each next module a few days before on your paypal registered email.


Week 1-2:

Secondary progression:

Secondary progression use a day for a year formula. This means that the 10th day of your life will give information about your 10th year of life.

In this 8 hour webinar you will learn:

- how to calculate your progressed chart?

- What is the progressed chart?

- How to interprete progressed Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars

- Progressed lunar phases

- How to combine progressed planets with transits


Week 3:


In this 3-4 hour webinar you will learn about a medieval astrology technique. Each period of life is associated with a different planet and thus define which theme will prevail during these periods.

You will learn which planet the captain of your chart is and how it changes your life.

You will learn about when each planet gets activated in yoru chart and most importantly how you can forecast with this easy timing technique.


Week 4:

Solar return chart:

In this 3 hour webinar you will learn about the traditional interpretations of solar return chart. This will give you an in-depth inside of your upcoming year. The principle is that you erect a chart for the moment when the Sun returns to its natal position.

Get to know how you can combine the traditional solar return chart interpretation with an ancient timing technique called profection. This was already discussed in a previous lecture but now its time to dive into this accurate time lord technique deeper

Week 5-6:

Zodiacal releasing:
This ancient method is a time lord technique which was used in hellenistic astrology first by Vettius Valens. This technique divides your life into chapters and each chapter is ruled by a different planet.
This is a very powerful timing method and uses the Arabic lots: Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit.
This is an advanced technique, therefore you need to be comfortable with being able to read your own chart.
In this webinar you will learn about each chapter of your life, meaning of part of fortune in each house and signs and more importantly how to predict life events with this technique.

Week 7:

Forecasting changes in your relationship:

In this 5 hour module you will learn about how to see when there is a change in your relationship, potentially when can you meet your soul mate.

Week 8:

Are you wondering when to have by your new car or property? Are you curious when the best is to get married? Then this module is for you. This week we will learn about how to choose the best possible time for a certain event in your life.

Week 9:

Astrology and timing of the first born baby:

In this 3-4 hour module we will be talking about when to expect the arrival of your first born baby. Which signs are the most fertile ones and how to determine the gender of your child.

Week 10:

Mid-Point astrology:

In your Natal chart there are some hidden points which also can indicate when you will get married or get pregnant. We will learn how to find these points in your chart and what happens if a planet joins them by transit or progression.

Classic Predictive Astrology


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