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Astrology of Love and Compatibility 

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The techniques I present to you have been gathered from ancient to modern astrology-from Eastern to Western esoteric traditions! 
I have chosen only the ones that have proven to work over and over again on thousands of charts and a decade of practice.

What I am offering you here as information is a system you will not find anywhere else!

I have presented it in a way that makes it easy to all to understand whether you are simply a beginner in astrology or an advanced practitioner.

No prior knowledge is required! By the end of the course you will be able to become you own astrologer and read the love in the stars for others even professionally.

What you will learn:

Part I and II
Foundations of Relationships astrology(signs, houses, planets)
How to Analyze the Horoscope of each person individually and see:
1. If he/she has an easy or hard Karma in relationships and how manage this
2. If he/she can do long term monogamous relationships 
3. If he/she will have happy relationships earlier or later in life
4. If he/she is more likely to cheat or to be cheated on
5. What kind of partners is one drawn to
6. What kind of relationships one will attract and benefit most from
7. How to deal with people who have difficult behaviors in relationships
8. What is helping one in love and what is hindering one in creating lasting relationships.

Part III and IV
How to compare the horoscopes of 2 people and see if:
1. It is possible for them to be together long term
2. If their energy clashes or syncs well and what to do in case there is a clash
3. They have hard or easy past life and current karma
4. What kind of challenges they will meet in their relationship
5. What is helping their love grow and what is hindering it
6. If there are any special “soul mate” connections between them
7. What each inter-aspect from one person to the other indicate and how to deal with it.

Astrology of Love and Compatibility


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