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Uranus opposite Moon
You’re forced by others to make a sudden move to a new residence or location, but it turns out well
Caring professions like nurses or therapists or home helpers have rapid changes in clientele, but they are better
Women in your life leave, but they were no longer good for you
You make the necessary changes at home now although they may come with a cost: divorce, separation
Interest in astrology and other metaphysical subjects grows through someone you meet
Someone forces you to jump-start your physical health regime
Sudden fame
You meet someone who brings freedom from domesticity that is stifling
Your home wi-fi breaks up
Hotels and restaurants may see sudden departures and downturn
You’re mislead or deceived or someone backs down in a property transaction 
Astrologers can see strife and problematic clients
Leaks and flooding at home are a possibility
Liquids like oil may ignite suddenly at home
You’re out of sync with public cat large, your reputation may suffer as a result of malicious lies
Home health and caring business professionals are opposed by competition that use new, cutting edge technology
Your mom is opposes your ideas and is changeable, in worst cases cutting you off
Someone in your home acts up and causes problems
Females are argumentative and don’t agree with you
Your kids are rebellious 
Your caregivers are uncaring, may leave
Family fights
You are left by your permanent, established relationship that was really good for you because of your erratic, cheating behavior, and live to regret it
Your move to a new place proves to be not what you expected
Your wife or partner may suddenly leave you
Those in any nurturing, caring, or domestic fields can see upsets and changes. Any hospitality related business can suffer during this transit.
When the urge to be free of domesticity at all cost, astrologically Uranus transit opposite Moon hits you, it’s like a sudden play-act of “should I stay or should I go’ in the words of the song.  You can feel family ties are so restricting during this transit, it’s like your suffocating. 
If you can negotiate the murky domestic scene now with honesty and ask for space to be alone while at home, or for an actual temporary separation, things may work out in the long run. But is you resist and either don’t do anything, or get into sneaky stuff hidden from your wife or family or other females in your life, then events may hit you in the form of thunderbolts from outside later. For example, instead of you leaving, your wife may be the one to leave, or she may suddenly find out about your affair. 
For women, this can come out as an inner unrest, a need to be on the move, and it can also bring a new, exciting man OR men to your life out of the blue. The advice again is to act with caution: often what started during Uranus transits will fade once over, and if you’ve made irrevocable changes, it may not be pretty. 
But the good side of this is you may need to shake up your career or business life and domestic scene, and someone new may just show up to totally change your life, complete with excitement and frills, as well as advanced metaphysical/spiritual  or scientific knowledge.

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