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I have walked away from my evolutionary astrology reading with so much power and belief in myself. Mila is an amazing astrologer, and has gently carried through the story of my natal birth chart and brought it to life like never before. It felt like she has been sitting on my right shoulder my whole life in the way that nuances of not just personality and features, but significant life events and family relationships as well. I highly recommend this reading to anyone willing to do deeper into their natal imprint. I already can't wait for my next reading with you! Thank you

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I’ve had many astrology readings in the past, and I wanted to answer some questions that so far I’ve not been able. Mila not only answered those questions, but she gave me greater insight into my purpose and was able to reassure me about my life right now to bring clarity. Her passion for astrology shows in how much she knows, and her gift of intuition and insight makes all this information relatable and easy to understand! I’ve recommended her already

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I have had a Pluto reading with Mila and it has been amazing. It has been very rich in information and I could relate very much with it. Mila is very knowledgable and talented to connect the different elements in the chart. There is a before and an after in life after Mila's reading. Thank you Mila!

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I just had a natal chart reading with Mila and she is so switched on and tuned in! And her intuitive guidance that came through along with the reading was incredible. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and I highly recommend Mila

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I loved your talk on Lada today. I have Mercury retrograde in my birth chart and I've never understood it until today! I have Uranus retrograde as well and now I don't feel so bad about me! (Aquarius rising). I can't tell you how much better I feel about my life since I listened to you! I now understand my youngest son with Mars retrograde. Wow, he is a 20 degree Capricorn with Taurus rising, so I expect stubborn, but now Mars explains so very much! (He has Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde too.) Your talk gave me a new perspective on my life and my kids! Thank you, thank you!!

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I heard about Mila through a YouTube video with Lada as I was very curious to know more about evolutionary astrology and the meaning of Pluto. So I booked a natal chart reading and was so impressed by her work that I booked a synastry and a composite reading regarding my daughter as well. Everything was so spot on. It is an extremely powerful tool to understand why we are here and where we are heading to. Understanding is helpful as it finally all makes sense. Now I feel more at ease with my past, I know where my pain points and struggles come from, what are the keys to overcome them and I embrace the next chapter. It is interesting that I ordered the reading at the right timing (I am at a turning ...

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Mila's knowledge, understanding and insights were profound and valuable. She gave me another perspective on how to look at my life's purpose and my role in society. I can confirm that I'm going forward on my path with more clarity now. Thank you Mila for your straight to the point approach and amazing guidance!

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Thank you Mila for this full and generous insightful reading. You gave me a lot and I am grateful for it. There is definitely something profo8nd about Pluto and the nodes axis and I am happy I have discovered you through Lada‘s videos and that you are doing this evolutionary astrology. I will recommend you whenever I can. All the best to you on this path.

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The zoom session was absolutely spectacular, delightful and insightful! On both a sense of mission, as well as what I have struggled with since I can remember; repeating themes. I also ended up learning a few things concerning astrology itself. I hope I take on the coming challenges and opportunities that are certainly knocking at my door well this time around. Thank you!

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Ohhh Mila what a beautiful experience was to connect with you! The synastry reading gave me so much clarity, guidance and most of all hope and joy to continue my life under the tragic situation im in with my beloved unique child. instead of sitting crying , act as a victim , you gave me the most important piece of puzzle to finally see the hole picture . Now i know and i act accordingly So much POWER Thank you so very much beautifull Soul Blessings 29&29 again and again

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The reading with Mila has been one of the most important in my life because it really helped me. She was absolutely spot on in everything she told me about my early years and my present. She also gave me possible solutions and a future perspective. I am very grateful for her impeccable work. She is clear, concise and very friendly. I recommend it one hundred percent

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I had a natal chart reading with Mila. She clarified so much to me. And some of the challenging things in my chart were spoken about with lightness that I was laughing at the end. It was an enlightening experience and I will be booking my solar return soon. :)

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Mila - Moonlight Soul

Mila - Moonlight Soul Astrologer

Evolutionary Astrology and Intuitive Guidance


Hi! I'm Mila, an Evolutionary Astrologer, Intuitive Guide and a truth-seeker by nature. I provide a unique way of reconnecting with your authentic self through the utilisation of different modalities such as evolutionary astrology, card reading, and intuitive guidance. My goal is to create a safe space for individuals to be able to express themselves freely and without fear of being judged. I support them in retrieving the rejected aspects of themselves, finding a sense of acceptance and self-validation. My intention is to lead people towards self-empowerment so they can feel free to pursue a life of purpose and deep meaning. If you feel stuck, disempowered and don't know why your life lacks a sense of purpose, meaning and happiness, book a reading with me. I can help guide you towards understanding of your soul's path and help you uncover your evolutionary potential.


What to know about Evolutionary Astrology (EA)


EA centeres around Pluto – our Soul's desire for incarnation – and helps to answer all the “Whys”. The intention of Pluto is to make you face all that is keeping you feel stuck and disempowered, and helps you to discover a path towards self-empowerment.


EA is an incredible tool that can assist people in these challenging times of collective transformation. It helps people to reconnect with themselves, to understand their soul's path and evolutionary potential. It validates who we are and why, and helps us accept ourselves in our true authenticity.


Once you know, you cannot go back to not knowing. You desire to live a life filled with purpose and meaning which leads to self-actualization and self-empowerment. EA helps you to live a life of purpose and deeper meaning that is in alignment with your authentic values.


 'When you don't follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.'                                                                                                                               Dane Rudhyar


Are you ready to follow your nature? Let's connect.


NOTE: To book a reading with me, it is essential to know your time of birth. All my readings are done LIVE via Zoom. You will receive a link to download the recording of your session afterwards, within 24 hours.


NOTE: Mila is booked for the whole of AUGUST and is not able to offer a reading any earlier than SEPTEMBER!!!

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Pluto and its Karmic Axis (30mins) $111

Helps you to get a basic understanding of the Soul's desire for incarnation, the past live's experience and evoltutionary potential for this incarnation.

Natal Chart Reading (60 mins) $199

Comprehensive reading to help you understand your Soul's path in this and past incarnations – where you came from and what your Soul is working on in this life (includes Pluto and its Karmic Axis).   NOTE: I would highly recommend everybody to start with your Natal Chart reading  to give you a foundation for any additional reading.  

Natal Chart with Transits (90 mins) $222

Your natal chart reading plus current and main upcoming transits to help you understand where you are at on your evolutionary path.    

Solar Return Reading (60 mins) $222

Helps you to understand the evolutionary themes for the upcoming year (from one birthday to another). NOTE: To book this reading you need to have an understanding of your Natal Chart.  

Natal Chart and Solar Return Reading (120 mins)$399

Relocation Chart Reading (60 mins) $222

Are you wanting to relocate somewhere completely different and start afresh? Would you like to know how this relocation is going to support you on your evolutionary path? Then this is the reading for you! NOTE: To book this reading you need to have an understanding of your Natal Chart.  

Synastry Chart Reading (90+ mins) $333

Helps you to understand how you and another person (your partner, child, friend, parent, pet...) are supporting each other on your evolutionary path and helping each other grow from the evolutionary point of view. It can show karmic bonds with Soul Mates and sometimes even the Twin Flame connection. NOTE: To book this reading you need to have an understanding of your Natal Chart.  

Composit Chart Reading (60 mins) $222

Represent evolutionary co-creation – the evolutionary potential of your relationship with another person. Most potent in romantic relationships. NOTE: To book this reading you need to have an understanding of your Natal Chart.  

Synastry and Composite Chart Reading (2.5 hours) $499

this is very comprehensive relationship reading which will require two sessions. It will help you to understand the full spectrum of your relationship from the evolutionary point of view. NOTE: To book this reading you need to have an understanding of your Natal Chart.

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