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Mary-Anne is an incredibly gifted and insightful psychic and healer! Her reading was spot on and portrayed my struggles in an eloquent way shedding more light on it. Things became clearer and more profound. I listened to my reading just noting: "so much food for thought"! She is very kind and gentle! She also offered a Quantum Healing and EFT session which was a beautiful experience! I was a little late for the session as I had a heated argument with my brother shortly before (wrong timing so I thought!) , and the session felt so cleansing. It even started raining and hailing the moment we started doing the EFT and stopped when we finished! If that is not a sign that the universe was listening? ...

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I am writing to share my experience of the manifestation course. Still, I am in the process of repeating and reflecting on each step, however I have gone through them and have a good feel for the course. I found step one and two the hardest, as I wanted to connect properly with my heart and listen to it’s needs and desires. After I focused on discovering the beliefs, which are stopping them from manifesting. This is an ongoing process for me and it may for ever be evolving, but I felt happy to be on the right path. Regarding the following 5 steps I found very liberating. The tapping technique is truly revolutionary and it’s extremely helpful. Also the knowledge that believes are in the body ...

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You did a live Facebook reading for me 6/9/1962. And you were spot on. Just wanted to say thank you.

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Marianne is very gifted she has a kind direct approach and her quantum healing was amazing. I can still feel the differences ... I was high for maybe three days She always provides helpful useful coping tools and nuggets of information I love the way she speaks. I have received three quantum healing south from Marianne one individually and two as a group and all were very different but I could feel the difference I am familiar with EFT and it really wasn’t something I like to do very much but I must say I have enjoyed tapping with Marianne and I love the way she guide you to exactly what you need

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Mary-Anne's reading hit spot on! It completely resonated with me! I've gotten a previous reading from her & it was spot on, as well! I highly recommend Mary-Anne if you're looking for a caring person to provide some guidance!

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Mary Anne was amazing in bringing me to calmness after a turbulent time in my life. She helped me connect with my Gaurdian angel, and filter through the lineage of wrong programming that has confused me up until my reading with her. I immediately felt the shackles released and empowering energy flow through me. Her method is painless and grounding and she is on target with calculations to moments that happened to me in my life. I will definitely reccommend her to friends and family. Her gift is our blessing. We need more Mary Anne's in our world!!!

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You will receive so much more value from Mary-Anne than you could ever pay her. I ordered the Therapy Package, and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. With her help, I sold my house, I became more loving to my partner, I realized my worth as a human being, and my subconscious blockages were released. She also taught me ways to protect my energy from outside influences. Mary-Anne makes you feel safe because she is "in your corner." Before I met Mary-Anne, I was lost and low; now I'm ready to follow my bliss. Thank you, Mary-Anne!

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Hi Mary-Anne I was lucky enough for you to give me a reading in the live session today. I just wanted to thank you as it was spot on and gave me food for thought. I'm saving for a Skype session with you now. You have a special gift. Many thanks again Catherine x

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Mary-Anne is absolutely an amazing reader, I was just blow'n away how accurately she was and than to follow with amazing guidance, I can not wait to have a follow up with her and let her know how my progress is going , she is a true gift to us!!! I recommend her to everyone that needs true/accurate guidance..and HEALING !!!! her HEALING ability amazing absolutely amazing the power she has will leave you speechless (happy&confident) of course.. Lada really knows how to pick them....only the finest & best make it here:)

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I just want to say thank you to Mary-Anne for my reading and healing Skype session this morning. She was really insightful and could see straight away what I needed to work on - which resonated with what I knew- and she took me through some processes to help free me. She also foresaw that life was going to be getting a lot better and predicted a couple of things which I really want. I feel very emotional but quite uplifted this afternoon and positive about moving forward.

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Mary-Anne Psychic

Intuitive - Spiritual Teacher

Just like it was yesterday I remember when I was 5 years old, my parents took me to my fathers school reunion. As we lined up to head towards the original school house I started getting excited and as soon we entered the room, I ran over to a desk and said in front everyone “Daddys desk” my father was shocked because it was indeed exactly where he used to sit.


I followed my gift to discover I have gifts of Mediumship, Clairaudience Clairsentience and Clairvoyance.


I also have an incredible unique ability. When I look at someone's birthdate, its like a portal opens up and I feel your energy see your life and know exactly what you are feeling and going through. What you can expect from me is to get the right answers. The beauty of this reading is I not only see and feel whats happening for you but if theres any energetic blocks you have that are stopping you getting what you want, I will see that as well and from there we can clean it up. This allows me to help you on a much deeper level, by giving you the solutions you need so you can feel happy.


I have been on National Radio stations for years and had the tremendous honour of being asked by the Womans Weekly to do the Royal Reading for Will and Kates Wedding. I have also done several live stage shows giving live readings to the audience. I am also a published author of The Cinderella Evolution, and Our Ultimate Truth. Coupled with that I offer a valuable professional tool kit of Coaching, NLP, EFT and many tools and techniques using Spiritual Energetic and Emotional Intelligence so you feel amazing to be you.



If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services


This life changing energetic technology offers you the ability to choose. Heal generational ancestry lines and past lives, plus everything from this life that is holding you back so you can evolve.  This is an outstanding tool to use for yourself or if you want to use it in your coaching or healing business to help others you will have tremendous success.  June 5th 3.30pm PST June 5th 6.30pm Eastern Daylight Time June 5th London 11.30pm June 6th 8.30am Sydney Melbourne Time June 6th 10.30am New Zealand 4 Hour Session with short breaks:  BOOK NOW only limited spots available This course is at 10% of its value as it is time for my gift to be shared to expand consciousness globally. Only 150.00 

Stop sugar addiction live and interactive course $80

Did you also know sugar lowers your frequency and causes anxiety and pain in the body and of course unwanted weight gain? Did you also know this is why the first day of withdrawal, feelings of anger sadness and loneliness come up? You may have been using sugar unconsciously to stop feeling this way, to push your feelings down, to give the brain a hit of dopamine so you can feel better only for a short time. 
Together lets heal those old feelings so you can create a natural source of happiness, feel calm within and lift your frequency so you can feel love and lose weight. Online and Interactive, Using Emotional Freedom Tapping and Quantum Healing.  Next Course starts Sunday 16th 7.30pm Eastern Daylight Time USA UK I can record for you. Australia Monday 9.30am if you want to join. Over 4 Weeks, 4 Sessions for one hour over Zoom, you are going to love this space.  80 USD. BOOK NOW You will be so much happier you did. 

Addiction Free Class: Set yourself free, Learn how to manage your emotions, free your anxiety $59

New Start Date  Use for body image, anxious eating, alcohol, porn, online shopping, obsessing, drugs, and more,  Sunday 17th January once a week for 6 weeks PST USA 9pm Central europe time Monday Sydney melbourne time Australia 7am

Become a special Coach $600

Mary-Anne is sharing her knowledge on all levels so you can draw upon her years of education, skills and qualifications, so you can become the best at what you do. She will guide you through this 12 week course which is live and interactive once a week for an hour on zoom, (and YES we will take a break over Xmas) plus one hour practical homework with another team member. Here you and others will learn through self enquiry exercises coupled with discovering the essence of emotional intelligence. You will learn how to regulate emotions, unpack and handle your own stuff, create motivation, harness empathy and more. You will also be trained in belief management so you can help yourself and others peel away unwanted patterns and behaviour through Emotional Freedom Tapping  which is highly respected worldwide by Doctors, Psychotherapists and Coaches. Next Course Starting  Monday 1st March 2021 PST USA 12 Noon Central Europe Time CET 1st March 9PM Sydney/Melbourne 2nd March 7am Auckland New Zealand 2nd March 9am

Online Spiritual Church

Sometimes we can just feel lost, disconnected and feel our energy is all over the place. Here is where Mary-Anne runs you through uplifting practices using emotional and energetic intelligence such as EFT tapping and Quantum Healing so you can feel empowered. Make a small weekly donation to receive your zoom link as Mary-Anne shares this hour of her remarkable gifts.  Held every Sunday PST 6pm USA Which is every Monday 12pm Melbourne/Sydney time.  Message Mary-Anne if you have any questions.  Give 24 hours to receive your Zoom link.  Please keep in mind that the ORDER NOW button does not work as this is a DONATION done via the two websites given!!!

The Most Successful Manifesting Process Ever! $59

This powerful process is unlike anything before. You will be given all the tools in this seven series powerful video process, including your very own quantum healing to clear all blocks. Mary-Anne will sent to you the file in the next 24 hours!  

Therapy Package $989

Therapy Package to Release the Root causes of Anxiety and PTSD that are blocking you creating the life you want. Mary-Anne can uncover what is stopping you having the life you want.
5 x One Hour Sessions to reprogram your beliefs and nervous system and clear subconscious blocks. 
Find your purpose and direction so you can increase love opportunity and money through releasing self doubt, stuck beliefs and fear that is limiting you manifesting what you want. 

20 Minute Recorded Reading - with Mary-Anne $80

Plus ask any question in the email to be included.  

30 Minute Recorded Reading - $98 with Mary-Anne

Plus ask any 2 questions in the email to be included.  

One Hour Skype Session+Quantum Healing - $222

This includes your reading plus uncovering and clearing any block or unwanted pattern you may have so you can be free to be you. This works for all aspects including love and money.    

Discover the secrets of your numbers so you can follow your truth $35

Discover the esoteric power of numbers in this Numerology Course. Unlike any other Mary-Anne shares the vibrational meanings so you can interpret through your Intuition as well as using the science.  You will be able to Read like a professional, whether you use it for your family and friends or wish to study as a professional, you will benefit greatly from this insightful course. Enjoy! All for 35 USD.  Mary-Anne will sent to you the file in the next 24 hours!  

45 minute Quantum Healing Skype Session $200

Feeling stuck? Mary-Anne can see your blocks to success love or money and energetically clear them with you over Skype so you can manifest. 

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