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Mary-Anne Psychic

Intuitive - Spiritual Teacher

Just like it was yesterday I remember when I was 5 years old, my parents took me to my fathers school reunion. As we lined up to head towards the original school house I started getting excited and as soon we entered the room, I ran over to a desk and said in front everyone “Daddys desk” my father was shocked because it was indeed exactly where he used to sit.


I followed my gift to discover I have gifts of Mediumship, Clairaudience Clairsentience and Clairvoyance.


I also have an incredible unique ability. When I look at someone's birthdate, its like a portal opens up and I feel your energy see your life and know exactly what you are feeling and going through. What you can expect from me is to get the right answers. The beauty of this reading is I not only see and feel whats happening for you but if theres any energetic blocks you have that are stopping you getting what you want, I will see that as well and from there we can clean it up. This allows me to help you on a much deeper level, by giving you the solutions you need so you can feel happy.


I have been on National Radio stations for years and had the tremendous honour of being asked by the Womans Weekly to do the Royal Reading for Will and Kates Wedding. I have also done several live stage shows giving live readings to the audience. I am also a published author of The Cinderella Evolution, and Our Ultimate Truth. Coupled with that I offer a valuable professional tool kit of Coaching, NLP, EFT and many tools and techniques using Spiritual Energetic and Emotional Intelligence so you feel amazing to be you.

Here are my services

20 Minute Recorded Reading - with Mary-Anne $80

Plus ask any question in the email to be included.  

30 Minute Recorded Reading - $98 with Mary-Anne

Plus ask any 2 questions in the email to be included.  

45 minute Quantum Healing Skype Session $150

Feeling stuck? Mary-Anne can see your blocks to success love or money and energetically clear them with you over Skype so you can manifest. 

One Hour Skype Session - $180

This includes your reading plus uncovering and clearing any block or unwanted pattern you may have so you can be free to be you. This works for all aspects including love and money.    

Therapy Package $800

Therapy Package to Release the Root causes of Anxiety and PTSD that are blocking you creating the life you want. Mary-Anne can uncover what is stopping you having the life you want.
5 x One Hour Sessions to reprogram your beliefs and nervous system and clear subconscious blocks. 
Find your purpose and direction so you can increase love opportunity and money through releasing self doubt, stuck beliefs and fear that is limiting you manifesting what you want. 

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