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Josie Astrologer

Astrologer and Life Coach

Josie’s Bio
Astrologer and Life Coach

Gemini Rising, Leo Moon, Pisces Sun... The first time I heard this about myself, I was in the midst of one of the darkest and most con-
fusing times of my life. Everything in my life that made me feel secure had been ripped out from beneath my feet, which ultimately lead me to experiencing the scariest question I’d ever been faced with, “Who are you really, when everything you associate yourself with is taken away?” The long term relationship I was in, had failed. My best friend, who was my rock and my source of emotional support since my mom passed years ago, slipped into the realm of spirit overnight. I was asked to moved out of my house because I couldn’t afford it on my own and the owners wanted to sell. Over half the staff where I worked (which were like a second family to me) all quit all in the same week. In their place I was left with a new boss that I had a emotionally draining power struggle with. Everything I loved and worked to build towards in previous years, was smashed to pieces in a matter of months. It felt like I had almost nothing and no one. I fell into a period of depression and isolated myself in what felt like a perpetual state of lack and unworthiness, for quite sometime. This was my existential crisis. However, isn’t it often in crisis, that the search for purpose and meaning in life inevitably emerges? You begin questioning and trying to make sense of why all these things are happening TO YOU. At least that was the case for me. But I dared to as myself an even more profound question, “What if these things are not happening TO you, but rather FOR you?” And I realized that the only thing standing between where I was and where I wanted to be, was a choice. I had prior Life Coach training, and began revisiting it. I was always fascinated specifically with how to reprogram the subconscious mind to change our perceived reality. I remembered that by resisting taking responsibility of where you are now, that you are basically giving your power away to circumstance and feeding a powerless state and victim mentality. After all, if you believe you had nothing to do with the creation of your circumstances, it really limits your level of belief that you also have to power to change them. That realization moved me forward. After the ashes of the life I once knew had settled, I started re-applying these teachings again into my daily life. This created a massive shift of energy. I would repetitively ask the universe for a sign, a way, or for someone to appear to offer guidance. I got clear about what I wanted to manifest and that was when things really began unfolding. And the sign, it came. I’ve always had a love anything esoteric, including Tarot. One day I somehow stumbled onto YouTube tarot readers. The things they were saying and the hope they were giving me re-inspired me and made sense of the things that no one else could. I was finally able to truly believe that things would get actually get better. My faith in the divine timing of the universe was restored by these videos. But that wasn’t all. These are also the very videos that ended up navigating me to Lada’s channel and to a realizing there was a deeper level of astrology, that I didn’t even know existed. This was the biggest turning point in my life. I believe there is a significant reason the 8th house is connected to both healing and the occult. It was how I learned to heal, understand, and transcend my negative circumstances to positive ones. Lada’s channel in particular played a big role in my personal development. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life and that I wanted to work with Lada one day. This felt like a very far-fetched and unrealistic goal at the time. I had no idea about how that could ever happen or if it was even possible. I began studying astrology anyways with a powerful level of commitment and passion, always holding this vision in my mind. By putting my future vision into alignment, opportunities began manifesting in an almost magical way. Viktor happened to appear on Astrolada shortly after. Then I learned he would be teaching formal classes. I signed up immediately, and it was only a few months later that Lada launched an opportunity to join her team. This is how I am here today. When the student is ready, the teacher really does appear. That period in my life was not easy for me, yet I feel blessed and grateful that I was able to experience firsthand the true potential and raw power of understanding yourself and your natal chart. It is what I used it to overcome all of those obstacles and rise back out of the ashes. I truly believe the combination of astrology and coaching, when implemented correctly, can be profoundly and deeply life altering. My intention is only to offer you the same practical application of this information and the same guidance that I received in that time... in hopes that you too, are able to realize your true potential. In hopes that you too, can go from where you are now, to wherever it is you want to be.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Solar Return Reading – 1hr recorded video $149

SOLAR RETURN READING – You will receive a 1 hour recorded video that offers you an in-depth overview of your year ahead, from birthday to birthday. We will be combining your solar return chart with various advanced techniques to uncover what major life themes are going to be at the forefront of your year, what areas of life and what influences are going to be most active and significant for you, which areas of life you may be receiving the most benefit from, and which areas you may be required to put more effort in. I will also
include a practical tool that you can utilize to guide you through each year.

Personality / Soul Essence Reading – 1.5hr recorded video $222

PERSONALITY/ SOUL ESSENSE READING– See yourself through the eyes of the universe. This reading is intended for those who are on a journey to profound self-discovery. To date astrology has been the single most powerful and insightful tool that I have ever found when it comes to understanding yourself on a deeper level. We will be covering multiple aspects of your natal chart to see what makes you, well.. you. We will explore your personal astrological influences to develop a more profound perception about the core of your iden-tity, your path, your purpose, your personality, and your gifts. There is great power in acknowledgment of the self and great compassion is often generated (to ourselves and others) through taking time to deepen our understanding.

1-2 Question Reading $99

Recieve in depth answers to 1-2 questions you have in the form of a recorded reading. 

PROMO Map of your subconscious mind – 45min recorded video WAS $149, NOW ONLY $75

GATEWAY TO THE SUBCONSCIOUS READING– Why your Moon placement is the key to transformation. Become a conscious creator. We will take an in-depth look at your Moon chart and utilize it to identify where your most powerful subconscious beliefs come from. From age 0-7 we operate a great deal from our Moon sign. These are the years we haven’t fully developed consciously and are downloading programs straight into our subconscious minds. Where the Moon is placed, represents the root of our subconscious beliefs. The areas these beliefs branch out to are the leaves. When we tend to the roots, it will have an affect on the entire system. We will be identifying the area of life that impacted your subconscious beliefs the most, whether positive or negative (even positive beliefs can produce negative results), we will look at the most influential people in your early programming, and bring conscious awareness to that area. I will provide you with either a technique, tool, or exercise specific to your placement, should you want to work towards removing any beliefs not serving you or beliefs that may be producing a negative circumstance or emotion in your physical reality.

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