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I booked a "Wealth, Success, and Career Reading" and Josie was wonderful! I transcribed her reading to keep a record of the meticulous and insightful analysis, thus filling 24 pages in my journal! I was so happy that Josie shared so much insight and she was very caring and loving in her reading. These 24 pages are a treasure to my current vision boards and vocational planning. Her detailed analysis that involves a thorough look at the Houses, Signs, Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, angles and degrees, as well as wealth stars was so mind-opening and on top, expanded my knowledge on astrology too: a field that I have developed an interest in over the last few years. I have been quite stuck ...

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Josie completely blew me away, she is extremely knowledgeable, detailed and accurate. I recommend her with my whole heart; she is really a master of her craft. She literally picked out actual dates (within the week) where big things happened in my life (there is zero way she could know these things other than being a master). I received so much value from her reading. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Josie.

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Josie is exquisite! So accurate, so kind, thorough, thoughtful - everything you could ever ask for in someone who is seeing you, and helping you to see yourself from a place of such depth and meaning. She is also beyond lovely to work with! If you are drawn to her work and considering a reading, I highly recommend it. My readings were beautiful and instantly brought clarity and healing to my life. Instant healing because Josie provided insight and wisdom, coupled with such sweet compassion, which allowed me to see things from a whole new perspective that provided me deep understanding and peace. After experiencing such great value in my first reading, I booked two additional readings to get ...

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I had the fortune of receiving a Wealth, Success, and Career Reading from Josie. Her knowledge and expertise - which for others can be seen as exceptional - are normal. An incredible place from which to receive a reading for any aspect of one's life. Josie ensures that you are fully equipped with all the information that you need to know to be successful. Yes, you will get a high quality, in-depth, exceptional reading from Josie about whatever aspect of life in which you are curious.

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I just had my second reading from Josie! She was right on with the reading! She went into great detail, very thorough and concise! Josie was also very patient and generous with her time, not to mention the follow-up emails if you needed any kind of clarification from your reading..just WOW on customer service/satisfaction! I plan on getting a third reading from her, which will be my Solar Return in about 6 months! If you're thinking about it, don't! Just Do it! Josie is definitely worth the wait and the small price to pay for what you get in return!

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This has been by far the best astrological reading I have ever had, and believe me, I don’t say those things lightly. Josie has a very unique gift of squeezing the best out of any chart, and that is very enlightening and encouraging. Honestly not so long ago I thought I had a crappy chart, but after her insightful reading, she confirmed a lot of things that I always felt very deep inside and that help me to regain confidence and hope that were lost long time ago. Josie besides being a beautiful soul who cares about yourself, is very knowledgable, and insanely accurate. So if you have the chance don’t miss the opportunity to have a reading with her, you won’t regret it.  

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Frankly, I am blown away by the accuracy, the details and the incredible personal approach of the reading. This has been the most educational and personal reading that I've ever had, spot on. I'll definitely get back in the future for more expertise. I wish you all the best, stay safe during this unprecedented time and take care,

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I recently received a reading from was totally amazing. I felt she knew me completely and totally. She didn't miss anything.....It really opened my eyes and gave me confirmation. My only regret is that I didn't receive a reading from her when I was younger. I am sure she is a fantastic life coach as well! I will definitely use her services again and recommend her to others. Thank you so very much Josie. You are very special.

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Last night I got my reading from Josie. I couldn't sleep untill I finished watching and listening to it all. It was absolutely an excellent reading and I indeed liked it very much. She is very detailed and accurate. She could tell me things that nobody had told me about, and all the things that I can focus on in my path of life with examples. It was worth the wait and for sure the money. I loved the reading and appreciate it and definitely recommend her and need booking more readings with her. Like others, I would like to congrat Lada for choosing such a lovely talented and professional astrologer as Josie to join her best circle of astrologers.

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Josie!!!!!!! Omggggg you are sooo amazing and you are definitely in the right business. You were very accurate on so many things and yes indeed you did shed some light on things too. Thank you for clarifying the conjunction I have. I always feared it but when you mentioned the intuition part of it I felt so relieved, as I am always fearful of the dark parts of that placement. I am going to relisten to it again and again. Thank you infinitely! I'm very blessed that you did this for me. I look forward to seeing much more from you and your talent. You freaking rock!!!  Much love and light to you.

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Thank you so much Josie! This reading was absolutely amazing! Everything you said was spot on. I’m honestly shocked. Loved this reading. 

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Thank you for all of your hard work on my chart I can feel the energy that you put into this and it is EXTREMELY accurate!. This is one of the most, and in many ways the most accurate astrology readings I've ever had and I have had many. My reading also prompted me to ponder about astrological remedies for some of the more challenging aspects. Thank You so Kindly

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I ordered a financial reading from Josie and was AMAZED!  Everything she talked about I am currently doing!  I wish I had started all of this earlier in my life as I am 63 years of age, BUT I still have a lot of things to look forward to with regard to creating and growing my net worth! You will not regret a reading from JOSIE!!! 

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WOW! U killed it girl! I didnt expect this, it was definitely worth waiting. I mean u don't know me and u got some things so right...its crazy...

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Getting the wealth and success analysis is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am blown away by all the details and knowledge I have gained from this and it has confirmed what my intuition has been telling me for years about what career path I am meant to be on in this lifetime. Thank you so much Josie!

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Josie is an excellent astrologer, and her insights are amazing. I practice astrology myself, so when I have a reading I want someone that really knows what they're doing.  I was deeply impressed by Josie's skills and intuitive abilities. Her techniques and observations were very accurate and uncanny. At one point in her reading, she mentioned that a multitude of crows had gathered outside where she lived and felt she should mention it: I live opposite a park that contains at least sixty crows that fly and make loud noise outside every day. Josie's methods have restored my faith in Tropical astrology, as she had a very good understanding of Vedic methods: this serves to enhance her readings ...

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PROMO Josie Astrologer

Astrologer and Life Coach

Josie’s Bio
Astrologer and Life Coach


Gemini Rising, Leo Moon, and Pisces Sun - the first time I heard this, I was in the midst of one of the darkest periods of my life. Everything that made me feel secure was ripped out from beneath my feet, which lead me to the scariest question I’d ever been faced with, “Who are you really, when everything you associate yourself with is taken away?” This was my existential crisis.

However, isn’t it often in crisis, that the search for purpose and meaning in life inevitably emerges? I began to wonder if it was possible that these things might be happening FOR me, rather than TO me. That was a powerful choice to make.

My training as a life coach helped me take back my power and I worked on manifesting, alignment, and on reprogramming the subconscious. I asked for signs, for a teacher to appear, for clarity on my purpose. In a short amount of time, I manifested all three.

Astrology found me in an almost magical way and I got to experience why the 8th house is connected to both healing and the occult. I recieved healing, understanding, restoration my life force, and it gave new meaning to my life.

My purpose became helping others do the same... I manifested my sign, my teachers, my life’s purpose, and an amazing opporunity all within months. Astrology truly has the ability to offer us profound transformation and guidance. Your chart is a beautiful gateway that can lead you to closure, understanding, and your true potential, it is what I used to rise back out of the ashes from my crisis.

My journey is to share practical application of this knowledge, so you too can realize your true potential and go from where you are now, to wherever it is you truly want to be.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

BIG PROMO Wealth, Success, and Career Reading- 3 in 1 Package - 60min Pre-Recorded Video WAS $249, NOW IS $149!

PLEASE CONSIDER THAT DUE TO MANY ORDERS THE WAITING TIME IS UP TO THREE WEEKS!!!  AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE FIRST 60 PEOPLE!!! Please send your birth details in contact form below after purchase -Place of birth, exact time of birth, and date of birth (month typed in non-numerical form please)   We will be taking a look at; -Wealth Indicators and combinations in your chart -Areas of life where wealth is most strongly supported in your chart -Career paths most strongly supported in your chart -Any indicated challenges or blockages related to wealth/success -Part of Fortune Analysis (point of prosperity/fulfillment) -Any activation of success related fixed stars -Money Mindset and Unconscious Blockages (Moon) -Major and minor peak period activation for success (timing technique) -Answer to 1-2 Financial/Career related questions (if any, please provide details and be specific)

1-2 Question Reading $99

PLEASE CONSIDER THAT DUE TO MANY ORDERS THE WAITING TIME IS UP TO THREE WEEKS!!!  Recieve in depth answers to 1-2 questions you have in the form of a recorded reading. 

Solar Return Reading – 1hr recorded video $199

PLEASE CONSIDER THAT DUE TO MANY ORDERS THE WAITING TIME IS UP TO THREE WEEKS!!!  Please send your birth details in contact form below after purchase -Place of birth, exact time of birth, and date of birth (month typed in non-numerical form please)   An in-depth overview of your year ahead, from birthday to birthday. We will be taking a look at; - Profected Year, Sign, and Lord Analysis  - What transits will affect you most significantly and when they are most strongly activated - Major/ most important themes of your solar return year - What will be most powerfully manifested and activated in relation to your natal chart - Fixed star activation in the Solar Return - if present  - Any direct/significant activation of outer planetary transits, in the given year - Any direct/significant activation of retrogrades, in the given year - If you have an area of focus for the year or specific questions, please provide the details around your inquiry

Soul Essence Reading – 105min Pre-recorded video $349

PLEASE CONSIDER THAT DUE TO MANY ORDERS THE WAITING TIME IS UP TO THREE WEEKS!!!  Please send your birth details in contact form below after purchase - Place of birth, exact time of birth, and date of birth (month typed in non-numerical form please) This reading is intended for those on a journey to profound self-discovery. The study of astrological symbolism has been the single most powerful and insightful tool that I have ever found. In true Aquarian nature, astrology is progressive in nature and expression, pushes boundaries, and serves to evolve humanity. Through interpretation, this invaluable language offers us keen awareness around the energies present at the time of the soul's incarnation and describes the manifestation of those energies, both internally and externally, while also providing a gateway to greater purpose, clarity, direction, guidance, compassion, and evolution as each of us navigate our unique paths.  We will be covering;
- The core foundation of your natal chart 
- Polarity/Element/Mode/Hemisphere Analysis
- Your planetary placements and thier influence
- Rulership's influence on each area of life
- Fixed Stars activated in your horoscope
- Major aspects in your chart and thier influence 
- Sun, Moon, Rising, MC, Part of Fortune (in-depth analysis) 
- Exploration of your unique gifts, talents, challenges, obstacles, path, and purpose
- And More... (if you would like added focus or emphasis on a specific area of life, feel free to specify) 

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