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Understanding our Life Mission:
How to live a Meaningful and Happy Life
Astrology & Psychology in One
with Dr. Diana Bakalova – a world known astrologer, PhD psychologist and numerologist
Recorded Webinar
Price: $49. 99

Who am I?
What am I meant to be?
What is the purpose and the meaning of my existence in the world?
Do I have free will to change my life or is it all about destiny?
What can I do to feel happy, successful and in peace with others?
How can astrology and psychology help me out?

Sooner or later, most of these questions come to the mind of anyone who wants to understand themselves better so as to grow further in consciousness and to achieve in life. These questions usually arise when we experience the so-called “existential crisis” in maturity or critical life events such as separation from a loved one, betrayal, financial failure, pregnancy, birth of a child, serious illness, unemployment, retirement, or the like.

I guess you would not like to read and listen about crisis or anything that has a negative connotation, as most experts nowadays preach positive affirmations and talk about the strength of positive thinking…

Well, I have some paradoxical news for you:

It is exactly through personal crisis and critical life events that we learn more about ourselves, about our innermost needs and emotions. Although we might feel sad, scared, angry or guilty for some time, the experience of crisis provides the chance of expanding our consciousness and changing our personalities to the better in the long run. So, the experience of crisis is a creative process, after all. Do not try to rush through it nor hide your negative emotions. It is due to life crises that we manage to integrate all our previous experience and knowledge, to forgive ourselves and others, to fill our lives with meaning, to become wiser and more confident, and to feel really good about ourselves.  

Karma comes to explain both the experience of crisis and our life mission. Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect where past actions of an individual and of their ancestors influence the future of the individual and their successors. In short: “We reap what we and our (grand)parents sow”.

To feel alive, meaningful and satisfied with life we should be aware of our karma and walk along the way to our karmic/life mission – the purpose of our existence in the world that also benefits other people. Our life mission is a challenge, for it is always bigger than us. The Self is required to develop so as to achieve the highest possible expression of its predestination in this lifetime.

Can we make any free choices and decisions and still achieve our life mission? Can we take any shortcuts on the way to our life mission? You will learn that and much more if you order and participate in this webinar!  

N.B. To join this webinar you do not need any prior knowledge in astrology or psychology.

Astrologers, who would like to deepen their psychological knowledge and understanding for astrological purposes, and psychologists who are interested in astrology, are also welcomed!  

When you purchase this course you will receive a recording of the live webinar.

This webinar will be approx. 4 hours long and will cover the following:

  1. Life Mission, life crisis and well-being:
  • The basics of existential approach to life
  • Meaningfulness, happiness and satisfaction with life (rational & emotional pillars of life)
  • The curve (sinusoid) of life: How could you appreciate your happiness if you are happy all the time?   
  • Selfesteem, Self-efficiency and Satisfaction with Life
  1. Crisis and Stress Management
  • The cycle of crisis experiences: How to handle a critical life event?
  • Adaptive and dysfunctional coping strategies: Learning adaptive coping strategies
  • How to identifying your authentic emotions: emotional locus (exercise)
  • How to find a constructive outlet for negative emotions? (exercise)
  • Catastrophic thoughts: How to redefine them? (exercise)
  1. The Natal Chart and C.G. Jung’s Concept of Synchronicity
  • Free will vs. Destiny: Can we control the course of our lives?
  • Acceptance vs. Change of circumstances
  • High anxiety: How to reduce it? (exercise)   
  1. Major signifiers of Karma & Life Mission in the natal chart:
  • The “Finger of God” (Yod): How to interpret and remediate it?
  • The house of the Ascendant’s Ruler
  • The Rising sign and the planets in the 1st house: How to achieve your soul mission?
  • The Sun’s sign and house: What are you meant to be?
  • Planets and points conjunct MC: How to contribute to the world?
  • The Moon Nodes: Karmic Past & Future
  • Planets and points in aspect to the Moon Nodes: How do you learn your life lessons?
  • Saturn the principle of cause and effect
  1. Life Mission and other natal planetary configurations, e.g. Stellium, T-square, Grand Trine, Grand Cross, etc.
  1. Questions and Answers

Understanding our Life Mission: How to live a Meaningful and Happy Life


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