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Shadow & Light Sides of Dignities

Exploring dignities and planetary expressions in the natal chart.


webinar with Josie

WAS Live on 2nd September 2021 



PRICE - $99.00 USD

PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE NEXT 24-48 h we will send you the webinar link on your paypal email address! 



PRE-REQUISITES: The only pre-requisite for this webinar is to know which planet rules each zodiac sign. Also if you wish to follow along using your own chart, you will also want to know what planet rules each house for you personally. We will be using the whole sign house system and using traditional planets for this lecture. 

**If you are unsure about how to locate this information, please send me a message via the readers page on prior the webinar and I will help you clarify this based on your Ascendant. 

Also, it is not necessary to have planets in detriment, fall, or exaltation to take this course. We will also be talking  about each planet and sign individually so that you can easily blend the energies and apply it to other positions in the  chart. This webinar is well suited for both beginners as well as advanced astrology students. 

In this 4-6 Hour webinar we will be taking a closer look at how to analyze the planets in your birth chart and apply these lessons in a holistic manner. We will be creating awareness around planetary dignities and be clearing common misconceptions about these planets through looking at this subject through a psychological/evolutionary lens. During the webinar we will be uncovering the shadow potentials of exalted planets as well as exploring the hidden beauty and gifts of planets that are debilitated and in their fall positions. There will be a unique focus on approaching the chart with neutrality and harnessing the potentials of any position within the chart, as well learning to easily approach, combine, and understand the energies of the planetary placements in your natal chart.


-Basic foundation of houses, planets, and signs in astrology and how to combine them together to easily navigate and analyze your chart.


-Basic foundation of using rulership in astrology.


-Exploring the different polarities, elements, and modes when considering the expression and condition of a planet.


-A general description of the seven traditional planets and their traditional and modern archetypes/energies.


-The individual shadow and light side of each of the seven traditional planets and twelve zodiac signs.


-How a planet’s expression is influenced by its sign position and considering compatibility of planets and signs.


-The connection, contrast, and the unique potentials of planets in their signs of exaltation/debility/fall. Approaching each position in the chart with neutrality.


-Numerous examples and case studies that will show the importance of looking at the chart in a wholistic manner when approaching dignities in the chart, and other important factors to consider.

Shadows and Light Sides of Dignities


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