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Prediction with Solar Returns

5 Hour Recorded Lectures on Solar Returns

by the great Nikola Stoijanovic.


The Last Gift Nikola Stojanovic left us: a recording of his longest lecture made in 2019, where he teaches in depth about his unique method of predicting using Solar Returns. 

He used this method to see with exceptional detail the future of presidents, prime ministers and thousands of loyal clients. 

This material is exceptional because it is the only existing recording of Nikola where he teaches his predictive method. 

He covers multiples topics: from seeing pregnancy, relocation, marriage, illness, death, money, career change etc with incredible real life examples

Prerequisites to take the course: understanding of planets, houses, aspects. 

PLEASE NOTE: Check the quality of the video and the sound before you buy , to make sure you can hear and understand because there are no refunds once you purchase!!!


It is best to listen to the webinar with headphones! 

The proceeds from this course will go to Nikola's family

Prediction with Solar Returns


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