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NEW Part of Fortune - Where is Luck in Your Life?

webinar with Viktor

Price: 59USD

Date: 31st January 2021

From 5 PM Budapest time (or 6 PM EEST - they are the same)

In this 4-5 hour webinar we will be looking at the condition of Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit to determine, whether we can be famous, recognised or wealthy.

This is an ancient hellenistic concept and it describes us what area of life we can achieve SUCCESS.

What we will learn:

- how to determine the condition of POF and POS

- POF in each house

- Some wealth indicators with POF and POS

- aspects to POF

- POF and its ruler

- What is POS and what is it good for?

- 30%

Part of Fortune - Where is Luck in Your Life

$85 $59.5

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from: 2020-11-25 till: 2020-11-30

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