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Mercury retrograde - the star of David

webinar with Viktor 

Mercury retrograde is one of the most discussed topics in astrology and everyone fears it. However his relation to the sun is very unique as he forms the star of david within his 11 month cycle.

Come and join me in this 3h and 27min webinar to discover what lessons we need to learn during mercury retrograde.

- we will see why he is connected to star of David

- we will learn about the 4 faces of Mercury

- we will learn about the 6 phases of Mercury - yes, his faces and phases are different.

- we will discuss the topics Mercury wants you to look at while it is retrograde and it does not always connect to the house where it goes retrograde

- we will look at the meaning of Mercury and how he connects to talent and dreams

- we will explore why he is connected to number 3 and 6 the most. - not from a numerological point of view!


This webinar will change the way you look at Mercury retrogrades for life.


Duration: 3hours and 27 minutes

WAS LIVE 20th November 2021


Mercury retrograde - the star of David


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