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World famous astrologer Nikola Stojanovic collaborates with to bring us this enlightening course on Marriage and Relationships. 
Everyone will receive a recording of the course. 

Nikola has developed an amazing system to see and describe each marriage partner and to differentiate between dating partners and marriage ones. 3 years ago he saw I would have 3 marriages, describing my first 2 with scary details and predicting my second marriage will end and there will be a 3rd one, for a USA citizen, from the West coast and that I will relocate to USA because of this partner. He predicted the nature and career of the partner and correctly described my previous 2 marriages. When all this came to pass, I contacted Nikola, in awe with his skill, and asked him if he can teach Astrolada's students how to see and predict with such details the topic of love and marriage. 

I am honoured to announce that despite his busy schedule with clients and hundreds of students, Nikola agreed to teach us his astrology secrets! 

Nikola has been published in many magazines and respected newspapers with world predictions which came to pass: 9/11, Brexit, the coming of an African American USA president, the election of Donald Trump (predictions made in 2015!!!), the economic crisis of 2008, and much more! 

In this 3 hour webinar you will learn how to see what your husband or wife will be like.

  • The difference between the 5th and 7th house. Dating, boyfriends / girlfriends versus marriage partners
  • How to see the different marriage partners
  • Predicting specific details about each marriage partner
  • How to see if there is more than one marriage
  • Ruler of the 7th house in the 12 houses
  • 7th house in the 12 signs of the zodiac
  • Multiple real life examples

PRICE $39.99


Disclaimer: This webinar does not look at your personal horoscope or answer personal questions pertaining to your love or relationships. It is an educational webinar with examples of charts from Nikola's practice. Basic knowledge of astrology required--houses, planets and sign, in order to fully understand the information. 

Testimonials: "

"This was such an Amazing class!! Thank You:) You are the Best, I Love your videos that you make and Nikola is a GEM! I'm gonna take all your classes with him."

"Love the webinar, It is amazing, so simple and yet so interesting." 

How to Find Husband or Wife - The Difference between 5th and 7th house


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