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Hindu Astrology Techniques for Western Astrologers


This 3.5 hour webinar will take you into the world of Hindu/Vedic/Joytish/Jaimini ASTROLOGY TECHNIQUES.


with Kesenya 







This course will teach you the basic concepts of:


Rulership and Dignities of Planets


Benefic and malefic Planets and Houses


Aspects made by Planets and Signs


Indicators of * Life and longevity * Passion * Wealth * Egoism * Disease and Death * Knowledge


The Royal Union (Raja Yoga)


Bahavat Bahavam





Who this course is for:


Western astrologers or students of astrology who would like to diversify their knowledge


People looking to dip their toe into another astrological system


Anyone wanting to understand the practical techniques used by the Hindu system of astrology


Those with a reasonable grasp of the way astrology works in the Western system - what planets and houses represent in astrological practice. ie. That Mercury rules communication, learning, speaking, writing and youthfulness; that the 6th house rules health and wellbeing, service, routines, and daily work. etc etc



This course is not:


About the religious practices of Hinduism


About belief systems associated with the Hindu system of astrology


An in-depth analysis of the whys and wherefores of the techniques used by Hindu astrology



What you will receive:


A webinar manual with tables, tools and information used throughout the webinar.


A list of links to resources and sites for further study and research


Exclusive permanent access to the 3.5 hour webinar video - you can revisit the information as many times as you need to!


Hindu Astrology Techniques for Western Astrologers


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