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Find out, in this 4 Hour course, which stars indicate the following fate in a horoscope:
• talents and fortunes
• political or leadership skills
• scientific or literary abilities
• financial abundance and wealth
• luck and fortune
• spiritual and religious inclinations
• military and conquest hours
• fame or fall from high positions
• healing and medicine 
• spiritual love and sexual love
A recently translated ancient Egyptian Astrology manuscript reveals hidden and forgotten information about the Fixed Stars and what they indicate about one’s personal horoscope and life mission. 
The ancient scroll was written by Hermes, the Highest Egyptian Astrologer, and for the first time in modern human history we have access to this priceless source! 
Certain Fixed stars are more powerful than the planets in your birth chart if they happen to be invisible in your horoscope at the time of your birth. 
For ancient astrologers only the stars and planets visible with the naked eye at the moment of birth, defined the mission and fate of the person.
Not everyone has special fixed stars affecting their life, only people with a more focused purpose do and this webinar teaches you how to find out if you happen to have one of these special stars.
Join us to learn for yourself about this great ancient secret or to become one of the leading edge astrologers (amateur or professional) who have access this forgotten information. There is no need to know any astrology in order to benefit from this course, because it will be explained in easy and clear terms, INCLUDING how to find the positions of fixed stars in your personal horoscope.
Anyone learning and practicing astrology professionally, will find in this course to be an incomparable tool and priceless information, used by a handful of ancient astrology researchers, who have access this ancient manuscript.
Lucky for us, one of these Astrologers is Trifon Nikolov and he will be your Astrology teacher! Trifon is one of my teachers-whom I sought out because of his reputation. I had the fortune to learn from the best and now I am honorued to work with Trifon and present his work to you! Trifon is steeped in ancient Vedic and traditional Western astrology but his forte is his powerful intuition which makes him stand out from other astrologers. He is regularly on TV and radio! I am so excited for this special event.

Fixed Stars Course


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