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Solar Eclipse in conjunction with the Sun

Positive manifestations:

  • The event can be described as a new birth of the personality, the renewal of vital energy and a kind of catharsis. The personality is provided with new opportunities, whether they will mark a general new beginning, or this still represents a "well-known old thing", but one that wants to be revived depends on whether the conjunction involves the North Node /symbolizing acquisition of new traits of character that enrich the personality/ or the South Node /symbolizing the revival of past traits of character that will be useful/.
  • The person feels strongly motivated to develop, to enrich their qualities, to show increased initiative to develop their potential.
  • Increased self-esteem, a unique moment for a person to stand out from the crowd, to be yourself, to demonstrate your qualities and to receive the necessary recognition.
  • This means a great new beginning, a new page in a person's life. He/she senses it, and this is a reason to develop his/her will, creative potential, creative power, male energy which exists in everybody /regardless of gender/.
  • To a great extent, events are determined by desires and predestination. A person is the "Captain on his/her ship", has the chance to, within the frames of his/her karmic path of development, to accumulate new and positive karma (if the Eclipse is on the North Node/ or "the new beginning" will be related to the redeeming of past negatives, a separation with destructive influences /if the Eclipse is on the South Node / which will still have a positive impact on the future.
  • A meeting with Fate that helps the realization of the personality.
  • A chance to make a personal vocation come true, and sometimes according to circumstances.
  • A meeting with influential personalities, non-random personalities who can help the person to realize himself/herself, to reach power - literally or in a figurative sense.
  • New and positive start in the relationship with the father...
  • A great new beginning for the house in which the Sun is located or the house that the Sun rules.
  • Rebirth, which can also have a positive effect on the health of a person.

Negatives to be aware of:

  • If the will of a person is weak, then he/she falls under the imperative message of changing his/her essence, acquiring a greater inner power, but this is produced by external and independent circumstances that can be experienced painfully and challenging...
  • A person falls under the strong will of another personality that changes his/her life ...
  • A person can fall into life-threatening circumstances if he/she does not follow his/her mission and predetermination.
  • A person is forced to pay past karma if the South Node is covered, and if it encompasses the North Node it means a person has to accumulate new karma, but forcibly under external and independent circumstances.
  • Negative development in the relationship with the father, separation from the father according to accumulated karma and predestination.
  • Forced changes in the houses that are ruled by the Sun or the houses where the Sun is located.

Eclipses in conjunction with the Sun can be determined according to the individual map, but the rule is that it means a great new beginning that has a long-term impact and not only for the coming half-year or year but perhaps much longer, it is possible for the new beginning to celebrate a new 18 year cycle of development. Because the Eclipses cover the North or the South Nodes - they relate directly to the karma of a person, to his/her predestination.

The Eclipses act like a "cosmic arrowhead", which aims to get a person closer to this predestination so that he/she realizes and unfolds his/her essence in full /the Sun symbolizes the person, the vital energy, the potential/. For this purpose, new traits of character are unlocked (when the North Node is included) or old ones return (when the South Node is included). This is an optimal moment for a person to renew his/her life in a positive direction, according to his/her wishes. If the necessary qualities are lacking or a person has "deviated from the path" this may be a traumatic new beginning that is caused by force or is life-threatening.

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