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Mercury square Saturn
More structured thinking. 
Mental discipline. 
Pressure for more organization. 
Checking the facts and being meticulous about details. 
Analytical thinking. 
Can be a good time for business and administrative tasks, meetings, duties. Outlining and systemizing problems.
Negative thinking. Seeing just the blockages. 
Some blockages to your communications and interactions with others. Pressure from business or administrative tasks. 
Burdensome, boring, detail oriented mental tasks or meetings. 
Blockages/ delays to some business or personal plans or travel arrangements.
Overall the structuring influence of Saturn will better organize your thinking processes, help you find and correct mistakes, be more effective and ordered in your mental tasks. 
Good for work and business, but you can feel under pressure (due to time restrains, authority figures etc.). You can react more negatively to pressure, feel less optimistic and have eyes only for the problems. 
A more factual state of mind, will help you stick to essentials and remove the non essentials from your duties. Just be aware that you are more prone to negative thinking and fault finding. 
Some delays or blockages possible in regards to your daily plans can lead to re-organize them.

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