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How did Nostradamus make his prophecies? What was his daily life? What did he believe in? Let us observe him directly through the eyes of the phenomenal saint Slava Sevriukova, who investigated the secrets of the Past! 

Nostradamus Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

Nostradamus Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

Slava Sevriukova is 20 century prophet and saint who predicted some of the major events in the 20 and 21st century all of which keep happening. The twin tower attack, the fall of communism, the forming of EU, WW2, etc. Some of her major contributions were revealing little known facts from the lives of important Historical figures. Today I translate for you her words on Nostradamus. Slava Sevriukova: "I see him-he is attractive and well to do, from a noble family. He has a profound faith. He fasts and prays. His powerful belief emits light in his aura. He seeks to discern distant and forthcoming prospects on the horizon, through the core of his spiritual nature. He is interested in assisting and preparing Humanity for the future trails and tests. I see him preparing for a prophetic séance. First he carefully concentrates on the unknown Future. Then he asks for help the Almighty from the bottom of his heart. He bows before God. He prays for a prophecy. Begs for information with numbers and names. He leads a very righteous and pure life in order to deserve this information. Once he receives it, he starts the hard of veiling and encoding the prediction into a short allegorical poem. Remember, only very elevated and uncorrupted beings can communicate with the Universal Soul. One has to be as pure as a dew drop, in order to reflect correctly the Light and Truth.

I see Nostradamus in his later age now. He is a dedicated ascetic. He is so pious and chaste that he only allows intimacy with his wife when he desires a child a with her. I see a woman in his life-she is in more mature age. She is dedicated to astrology and devotedly supports him. Nostradamus is a sophisticated Jew. He usually wears grey attire which is always clean and neat. He washes his feet and changes his socks and underwear every night, something which is not common in the Middle Ages. He has perfect hygiene: of his soul, actions, body and environment. And this is at a time when people bathe once or twice in a season. He has precision in his desires, thoughts and actions. Others think him weird. He allows very few people in his home. His house is very nice-two floors with bay windows. I see him kneeling after he has washed his feet. He is praying for information from the Almighty. He does not use a crystal ball, nor water to predict. He takes into consideration Astrology and the cycles of History though. He can look into the Past and predict the Future from it. (Lada: this sounds like he was using astrological cycles to look at History and judge what will happen in the future when these repeat). While doing this, he falls into trance receives his Visions."

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