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I love omen reading and I want to show you how to do it! My teacher, Ernst Wilhelm introduced me to this art and I have been using it ever since with amazing results. Often it even beats astrology!

How to Read Omens

How to Read Omens

Omen reading is the process of finding meaning in the smallest events and interpreting it. If practiced regularly, one develops powerful awe towards Divine order and starts having communication with God/ the Living Universe. So it becomes not only a mind blowing predictive tool, but also an active spiritual practice, which enlivens everything around with the spark of Consciousness and brings meaning into your life. It is also so much fun to do! For example here is a story how it works. My teacher had a client call him about a love horoscope reading. Ernst did not even have to look at their horoscopes because at the moment the lady contacted him, he saw two dogs playing happily together. He predicted “you will start a relationship with this man and be happy with him”. Sure enough it did! Another astrologer friend, had a client call him about stock investments, at that moment he was in the elevator going up, and had 1 more floor to go out of 7. So he predicted “Invest, as the stock will keep climbing to about 1/7 of the current price, but no more. Then it will level out” Spot on prediction again! How much fun is this!!

I was doing a horoscope for a lady, it was rainy and thundery outside, just like her life so far. Within the first 10 minutes of reading, an amazing rainbow appeared and stayed on till the end of the 30 minute reading. I predicted that within 10 weeks her life will take a totally positive direction and she will have an amazing opportunity and see the light after years of testing. Perfectly correct again! I love reading omens for my self as well! The eclipse this year feel on my Venus, the planet of love, and as expected my stable and happy relationship was shaken and threatened just before we are supposed to get married! I was staying at home and crying and decided to pray, as I always do when I need some relief or directions. Whole heartedly and with fervor, I turned to Christ and Mother Mary and asked for clarity. 3 minutes later, I decided to open the window and something fell on my arm. It was a ladybug. My heart fluttered! In Bulgarian culture ladybugs are harbingers of marriage and happy relationships!! A second later, another one fell on my arm, and a third and a 4th!! I looked up and there was a swarm of 50-60 ladybugs on my window!! I have never seen a lady bug in London before, let alone in mid autumn. It was as if all the ladybugs in London had gathered on my window, just so I do not misinterpret the omen! The Universe decided to shower me with ladybugs, as I have been moping around disconsolate for 2 months and needed a pretty powerful omen! The window which the ladybugs had settled on was the one which my partner is always sitting by. What more powerful sign?!

Or maybe you are at a cross road trying to decide which path to take-I mean literally, you might be out with your bike and a wiff of cold air comes from the seaside path, while a warmer wind can come from the mountain path, so you decide to follow the mountain path and you happen to meet someone there who helps you pay your rent! (this is a true story which happened to my teacher) You will usually get omens, after you have asked for help, or when you are very low! The omens will be personal, such that have meaning for you and you can understand. If a rat is a lucky animal in your culture, seeing one might be a very good omen for you, while for me it might mean that the person I am thinking about, is trying to swindle me. God speaks to us when our heart has been softened by suffering. I mean, God speaks to us all the time, but only then, are we willing to listen and be more open to his/her gentle voice. Do not be afraid of suffering. It refines us and brings us closer to the Universal Mind! Read the life story of any saint or great person. Before their big break through or spiritual awakening, they all went through a dark night of the soul, a very testing period! But this is when God talks to us! Just learn to read his language and keep going! J

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