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Virgo taro Cards for Today


You have the ability to show more restraint now


Are you refusing to forgive yourself?


You need to right a wrong or will be seeking justice
The sun passes through the sign of Virgo every year from about the 23rd of August till the 23rd of September. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Virgo for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors(Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Virgo then this is the sector to explore! (to find out in what signs these 3 points are in your Astrology Horoscope, go to my Birth Chart calculator.

In Ancient astrology Virgo was depicted a prepubescent girl, which tells us a lot about this sign. First of all, people with strong Virgo in their Horoscope(Ascendant, Moon, Sun or a few planets) can be a bit of late bloomers in life, it is as if they are only allowed to share their gifts productively a bit later in life. Second of all, they have a kind of androgynous, asexual and even child like aura. Even when they try to be sexy, they project this more ephemeral, neutral appeal which can make them look more refined. Thirdly, they often have the mental unbiased nature of a children: they will judge a situation as they see it, not allowing complex emotional, social or belief considerations to affect them. Therefore Virgos can make some of the best critiques, analyzers, reviewers of work, supervisors, managers, because they are as honest as children and often as ruthless as them in assessing situations and saying these as they truly are. The world needs the discerning and dissecting eye of Virgos to keep it real!

Virgos notice a lot of details as they truly are, with no frills and flights of imagination, but this can also make Virgos worry a lot, as they need to make sure everything works correctly and efficiently, or else they can’t relax!

Virgo is considered the sign of the perfectionist, but I add also add as the sign of the eccentric, some of the most quirky people have Virgo strong in the horoscope. And their eccentric is not in some flamboyant, rebellious or loud way-it is more in the small things and details-little obsessions, habits or routines which they insist on. Like always having their pens aligned in a certain way, or counting all stairs, or doing things in some specific order, etc. They say Virgos are very clean but it is not always so, actually it is more about having things in ordered in a way and places they want-which can look like a total mess in the eyes of others, for the Virgo person it will make sense.

Virgo strong people, do much better in life, when they have strict daily regimes and routines they can follow, than if they just go with the flow-that can cause them emotional turmoil and is taking them away from their true nature.