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Taurus taro Cards for Today


You are loosing interest in something. Getting disengaged


Dare to stand out and be different


You are feeling drawn to a new direction, it is the right course of action
The sun passes through the sign of Taurus every year from about the 20th of April till the 21st of May. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Taurus for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Taurus then this is the sector to explore! (to find out in what signs these 3 points are in your Astrology Horoscope then click on my Birth Chart calculator).
Taurus is a fixed sign which does not like fast change. It might take awhile for people with strong Taurus in the Horoscope to make up their mind about important decisions but once they do there is also no way back from the direction they have chosen- they pick up slow but once at full speed, they are like a steam train, there is no stopping them!

The Bull is a peaceful animal, which just wants to graze, so are also most Taurus Moon, Sun or Ascendant people- they apply the rule “live and let live”. The Bull is also a very preservationist animal meaning that when it grazes it does not uproot the grass like rams and goats do, so it can grow again later (while rams, leave a desert after them- like Aries- not thinking about tomorrow). In the same way Taurus people will not recklessly utilize their resources (money, possessions, food, etc), they will preserve, take care and use these wisely and fully. Hence Taurus people are usually very good family people, providers, nurturers, resource managers and creators, etc. Even if they are not like that in their younger years, with age, they will grow more and more into this role.

Taurus rules the 5 senses, so it is the most sensual sign which enjoys more than anyone else the simple joys of physical life: good food, good smells, beautiful views and surroundings, high quality materials, textures, tactile experiences, contact with matter/nature, good music. A strong Taurus in the horoscope, shows a person who is of simple pleasures and often does not need spiritual, ideological or philosophical systems in order to find meaning or feel joyful, they can get this sense of connectedness and fulfillment from their surrounding and the senses. Thanks to this amazing ability to appreciate and master in the input from the 5 sense, Taurus strong horoscopes show people who can become very good artists, chefs, musicians, designers, photographers, painters.

When a Taurus feels restless and unsettled, it is best that they go in Nature and if possible even go barefoot, this way they ground themselves and connect to the source of their Element- Earth.
Lets us explore together the simple joys of Taurus!