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Sagittarius taro Cards for Today


Wait for the best opportunity while passive


You are procrastinating or being lazy


Finding company and spending good time with others
The sun passes through the sign of Sagittarius every year from about the 23rd of November till 22nd of December. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Sagittarius for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Sagittarius then this is the sector to explore! (to find out in what signs these are in your Astrology Horoscope, go to my Birth Chart calculator.)

Sagittarius is considered one of the luckiest and most benefic signs in Astrology. It is the sign of the Higher, inspired mind which sees reality through a higher vantage point, thus being able to look more philosophically on life and react more wisely! Their ability to see how the smaller pieces of the puzzle fit the whole picture, makes them amazing at projecting into the future and foreseeing the potential developments of present events, hence they can make indispensable and almost prophetic business advisors, wise life coaches, knowledgeable teachers and counselors.

If someone has strong Sagittarius influence in his horoscope, he will find himself giving advice to others, telling them about life and how it should be lived, being drawn to the life of the Higher mind: politics, philosophy, intellectuality, spirituality, morals or idealism.

Even if they are going after a material goal, they will go about it with some high ideal, enthusiasm, code of ethics or a sweeping optimistic approach. They don’t do half things, they are all or nothing! If a goal does not inspire their ideological and belief system, they will not keep at it for long! Whatever they start it needs to have perspectives for high achievements and growth in the future or else their enthusiasm and fire die out and so does their consistency!

The less evolved Sagittarius can find themselves thinking they know best and trying to teach others without listening back. They can become like a horse with blinkers not seeing the details but just ruthlessly following an aim they have, till they fall from their high horse, and suffer a crisis of faith! Sagittarius strong people(a few planets there, or Sun, ascendant or Moon) are known for falling from high, not only metaphorically but also physically, so they should watch out when they walk and go forward, as their minds seem to hover high and miss the little stones which can trip them!

But all in all, the more a Sagittarius person evolves, the more visionary, inspirational and intuitive he becomes. Luck follows Sag people not randomly but due to their intuitive sense of what is wrong and right for them do at any given moment and due to their natural understanding of the unwritten Universal laws.