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Libra taro Cards for Today


Having a rest.


Make people feel better! Have an open door and welcoming smile


Play by the rules
The sun passes through the sign of Libra every year from about the 23rd of September till the 23rd of October. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Libra for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Libra then this is the sector to explore! (to find out in what signs these 3 points are in your Astrology Horoscope, go to my Birth Chart calculator.

The Sun starts its journey though Libra at that point of the year when the masculine yang energies are equalized with the feminine yin energies in Nature and the day and night are exactly equal. In the same way people born with strong Libra in their horoscopes are also the balancers and harmonizers of the world. Their role is not always one of peace-making, but can be also one of strife and agitation, because when there is too much inertness and contentment in a situation they will try to re-balance it by bring in some of the more active or cruel ingredients, so their role can go either way. The more evolved Libra people realize that Evil is as necessary as Good, and that only the interaction of these 2 forces create progress. So often others can think of them as being as pleasers, double crossers or lacking strong opinions, but it is not so, they have gone above two sided extremisms into a more fair, multi-faceted vision of life.
They are great to have as partners in business, projects or relationships because they bring to the partnership what the other person is missing and their prolonged presence can help level out the extremes tendencies in the other/situation and harmonize him/her/it/.

Libra strong people(Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant, Ruler of Ascendant, etc) are wonderful at decision making because they can evaluate a situation or a assess an object from all points of view, though they might take longer in the progress. So Libra predisposes to making good advisors, consultants, fair traders and merchants(helping others make their minds and evaluate situations/products objectively), relationship experts.

Libra Moon, Venus, Sun or Ascendant etc, people are often very good at beauty, art, architecture, fashion and other artistic vocations but in a classical way which is balanced and well rounded. They have natural sense of harmony and beauty for that reason they are often some of the leading figures in culture, art and civilized society.