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Cancer taro Cards for Today


Abundance and increase!!


Start something new!


Withdraw from involvement

Great time to follow a regiment
The sun passes through the sign of Cancer every year from about the 22nd of June till the 23rd of July. The Moon passes there for 2 days every month, while the Rising Sign projects the energy of Cancer for 2 hours every day. If you happen to have any one of these 3 important astrological factors (Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign) in Cancer then this is the sector to explore! To find out in what signs these 3 points are in your Astrology Horoscope, go to my Birth Chart calculator.

Cancer is the sign of evolution and adaptation. Hence if you have a strong Cancer influence in your horoscope, you are quite an adaptable and changeable nature. You might pass through many changes of moods and emotional states within the same day but this you handle really well, while other signs would feel their heads spinning on the same emotional rollercoaster, but you thrive on this! You act on emotional impulses and for you rational thinking and logic is not the way you make decisions unless you also have a strong air or earth influence. You will often feel your way in situations- Cancer Horoscope people can have a great sixth sense, like a gut feeling, which leads them to success. Many successful businessmen are known to have strong cancer, and it is due to this intuition.

Key quality for Cancer is emotional intelligence. Psychologist has proven that the most adaptable and successful people have high emotional intelligence and not high IQ. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. And this is the biggest strength of Cancer though they should be wary not to use this natural gift in manipulative shrewd ways, which many do! Careers in which such qualities are needed like teaching children and adolescents, managing groups of people, counseling, primary care, nurturing professions are ideal for Cancer strong people.
Cancer is also a really imaginative sign, as it receives and processes outside impressions on a deeper, more emotional level than many other signs, therefore small stimulus which other signs would not even register, can trigger powerful inner reactions or flights of the imagination. Vocations like creative writing and other imaginative professions are also very good for Cancer strong people.

Even though Cancers adapt to changes fast, they often stay emotionally connected to people and places from the past, for longer than other signs, often having a strong link to family, parents, home place and country. Even if a Cancer Sun/Moon or Ascendant person is a big business mogul, he/she will have a deep need for family, and once they start their own, they will often make one of the best parents and nurturing, dedicated family figures!
Cancer is the sign of the mother, so wherever Cancers go they create an atmosphere of relaxing comfort and caring, that is the reason Cancers can be great home makers, hotel hosts, restaurateurs, etc.