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Robert Hand's Planets in transits! A Classic on transits!

My favourite book on Aspects in the birth chart-from one of my teachers. Sue Tompkins

One of the best books on Uranus, Pluto and Neptune's transits! 
My First Astrology book ever-explains so perfectly the foundations of astrology--the signs and the 4 elements!

When it comes to compatibility, this is the book I recommend! 

To understand the foundations of Vedic Astrology, I love this book!

This is a wonderful book on the important of the Nodes of the Moon in Relationships, Astrology of Karmic relationships. 

A concise book on the foundations of western astrology! A great reference book!

First steps in karmic astrology!

The Karma and Meaning of Retrograde Planets 

Ancient astrology-a good books of Hellenistic Astrology 

Amazing source of traditional astrology for those interested in predictions

How to use astrology in practical ways like the astrologers of old times did! 

    The future of Humanity

Something more to read

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