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Nutritional and Health Horoscope

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Nutritional and Health Horoscope

Nutrition horoscope 
The reading includes astrological and Ayrvedic analysis, which consists of:

  1. The sign of your Moon – description of the foods, related with it
  2. Dwadasamsa of your Moon – adds additional information for the best types of food
  3. Aspects of your Moon – indicates possible problems with your digestion and unhealthy habits you should avoid
  4. Best ways to prepare your food, according to the sign of your Moon
  5. Ayrvedic indications – astrologically calculated balance of the doshas, according to your horoscope
  6. The types of tastes and foods, which can help to balance your doshas
  7. Best types of national food for you
  8. Best sports to balance your doshas
  9. One year forecast for the influences, affecting your nutrition – the most appropriate periods and dates to start a new regime, in order to receive maximum result

This reading is for people, who want to live a healthier and more balanced life. By keeping the simple advices, you can easily get in shape, lose weight and feel stronger. It can help you to balance your emotional state and overcome nervousness, irritation, sadness, etc.

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