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Child Horoscope

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Child Horoscope

Horoscope for your child:
- Family indications – what is the role of the parents for the child; the mother and the father through the eyes of the child; what he really needs the most – to feel protected (Cancer Moon), to have a delicious meal (Taurus Moon) or to have a good communication (Gemini Moon); 
-  Personal characteristics of your child – what is his temperament and the best approach to communicate with him; is he a Solar or a Lunar type; his advantages and his weak sides; is he going to strive for independence or security and comfort are more important for him; does he need stability or excitement and adventures would be his priorities
- Intellectual skills – how your child thinks – practical and logical or emotional and subjective, fast or slow, conservative or original; how can you support the learning process; in which areas of knowledge he might be interested; are there indications for possible troubles with learning, teachers and classmates; is there something that you should be careful about – tendencies to lie or to have inappropriate friendships
- Career guidance – the potential of your child for career development and best fields for him; what is he talented for and what can make him most successful; analysis of his personal finances; is he striving for money and material achievements or personal satisfaction and the feeling that he has a mission are more important; is he going to find his path easily or it will take more time; is this area stressful for him and how can you support him
- Personal questions – answers to your specific questions, regarding your child

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