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I recently had a nodal reading with Zuzana and she was not only spot on with what she saw in my chart, but she was very detailed with regard to the questions that I had asked about upcoming transits in relation to my natal chart. I loved that she incorporated a bit of numerology (which I love & study!), that absolutely tied in with my chart and life path/purpose. I truly wasn't expecting so much detail, but not only that - she tells you how to work with the transits whether they are difficult or good. If you are thinking of having a reading with her, please don't hesitate - it is a very worthy investment! Best of luck to you Zuzana...

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Zuzana Astrologer

Astrologer and Healer
My name is Zuzana Puskasova, I was born and raised in Slovakia but since teenage age, I had a curious mind and an itchy feet so I was blessed by many living and studying opportunities abroad, especially exotic countries, rich with ancient wisdom and traditions.
Astrology has become my own healing tool to be able to process losses and traumas I have experienced in my early life to become empowered and loving person and teacher later on. It gave me a deep empathy, strength and insight. Sun trine Jupiter in my chart has always been a saving grace which gave me optimism and hope, regardless of the circumstance. Together with yoga, astrology has become my biggest ally on my life path.
Couple of years ago, I had a great opportunity to attend Astrolada's astrology retreat where I met many talented and impressive astrologers, including Lada Duncheva and Nikola Stojanovic. That was a turning point after I started doing astrology professionally.
I have been studying and teaching yoga, symbolism and astrology over a decade. At the moment, I am a student of Sashidananda yoga shala in Mysore, India (Ashtanga Vinyasa and Pranayama) and Astrology University founded by Tony Howard. I have completed 500 RYT at Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh, India; Ayurvedic massage Certification in Mysore, India and Astrology Apprenticeship by Viktor Simon.
Recently, I was introduced to Rumen Kolev, the astrologer/ scholar/ mathematician who single handedly revived ancient Babylonian astrology by translating the Babylonian clays.
With Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th house, I have always been studying different concepts and creating my own expertise. In my work, I use both Babylonian (actual constellations and fixed starts) and Tropical/Western (whole sign house system) astrology.
My approach with reading charts as well with teaching is to empower and inspire the person on the other side. I love implementing light and fun into my work as it allows me to tap deeper into creativity, especially when teaching.
I have been open to study various concepts of yoga, healing arts and astrology, doing my own research by reading hundreds of charts of my clients and teaching over 5000 yoga classes so far on different continents for people from all corners of life.
Here I am - Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Libra rising :-)

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

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Extensive Answer to One Question: Recorded: 20 mins / $100

Your gifts, talents, career path and life mission - 60 min pre-recorded $199

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A year ahead navigation - 60 min pre-recorded $199

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Natal chart reading - 60 min pre-recorded $219

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