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Esotery, Astrology, Kronobiologycal psychogenetics

Love and greetings!

My name is Jacqueline and I am Hungarian, living in Budapest. I am currently 35 years old in this incarnation, born with Libra Ascendant, Sagittarius Moon-Uranus-Ketu conjunction and Aries Sun.

I've been dealing with esoterics since I was 18, I've learned almost every branch of it, and I can say that I see the world from a holistic perspective and this is also my main occupation to help people in body-soul-mental levels. As I gained more knowledge over the course of my life, I discovered I was born with clear sense. For a long time I didn't understand why I easily see,feel people's feelings, lies and why others can't.

My first esoteric study was the Enneagram self-knowledge system, which I have now become a specialist in. My type is number 8. I also studied astrology, karmic astrology, regression techniques, numerology, kronobiologycal psychogenetics, Tachyon energy healing, feng shui, quantum physics, theology.

I have a great and happy life and I am here to help others how to create the same.

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Here are my services

Cronobiological Psychogenetic analysis $149

Recorded ~60min + notes with datas OR written version ~12pages $149 Energy quantity and quality at birth body-soul-mental level not based on astrology! This is a young science that takes into account ancient sources, now coming from Russia and based on the algorithm of  Earth energies. The individual energy level determines our characteristics, our natural typology throughout our lives: our behavior, our emotions, our abilities, our tendencies to disease. Physical, emotional and mental energy levels can be expressed in numerical form, given the quality of birth. This natural typology allows for self-knowledge. We can immediately see whether we live according to our own basic energy or not. These subconscious qualities colors our actions, feelings and thoughts. It is a great benefit for us to make this play aware of various aspects of our lives, such as our professional or private lives, and in particular the ability of this science to show the harmony or shift in the functioning of our cerebral hemispheres that greatly influences our learning abilities. Insight brings light to ourselves and our relationships. The magic between two people lies in the vibration and power of the energies emitted. This method shows how we can maintain our health by keeping our life energy high. It also reveals what is your carrying capacity and what is your true talent.

Cronobiological Psychogenetic synastry analysis $249

Written version ~22pages $249 This new discipline allows us to look at human qualities, social relationships, marital and parent relationships from a different perspective, from an energetic point of view. You can understand why you are attracted to someone unintentionally while you are away from others. The magic between two people lies in the energies emitted. Even though we see great astrological synatry between 2 people if they are energetically incapable of working together, the relationship is doomed to failure till you don’t understand eachother energies.

Astrology reading 30 minute $99

Recorded 30min $99 This is ideal for those who want answers for a couple of questions.

Astrology reading 60 minute $169

Recorded 60min $169 This is a year ahead reading concentrating on 3 topics you wish to discuss.

Karmic short report $119

Written ~5 pages $119 Listed with all celestial object (Asteroids- reveal the personal karmic past, Centaurs-your soul has gained during several incarnations;refer to collective karma, Fixed stars-higher speres and alternative realities) conjunction and paralell angle with your most important chart points. Carl Gustav Jung said there are no coincidences, only synchronicity exists, everything is related and interacting with everything. Old basic principle of psychology is that the human psyche can only detect what ready to get to know and receive. What we don't know is to realize it, we don't even realize it is in vain ...

Holistic healing $1499

Skype, recorded and written forms 1499$ Includes all I recommend it to those who feel capable of a complete physical-mental-conscious transformation. Who wants to live their life to the highest possible level of energy and consciousness. Also, for those who feel they are in a hopeless life situation and are suffering from either chronic or acute illness. In order to be able to fully understand a person's situation my philosophy that the following factors should be considered together : - Enneagram: sacred-deep psychology (4x60min consultation) - Cronobiological Psychogenetic analysis Written version ~12pages and after skype consultation 45min - Full karmic chart report Written in ~20pages and after skype consultation 1hour - Astrologycal forecast Recorded or written 60min Actual Solar return, tranzits, progression and Solar arc - Tachyon energy healing Telemedicine 4x30min intense energy healing Health and Illness It is important to know that health is not a transitional period in our lives and that illness is not a punishment or a fate. It is not a bad thing that comes with age. The role of the disease is to indicate to us that we have lost our balance of health. We always heal ourselves. Even if we get help for that. Our illnesses also tell us exactly how we have deviated from health. Illnesses show the exact causes, we just need to know the language of the illnesses. If we take responsibility for ourselves, if we do not look for external causes as the cause of our illnesses, if we change the emotions and thoughts that have tilted us from a state of equilibrium, our recovery is almost 100% guaranteed.  

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