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I had an amazing consultation with Violet Iris in which she went above and beyond to provide extremely detailed answers to my million questions :) She gave me valuable guidance, insights and methods which I can use for my personal development and soul exploration. Also, she helped me understand and gave me confirmation about some intuitive queries I had. Thank you so much, Violet! I appreciate your help and insights so much! :)

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Violet Iris has been my psychic medium for over ten years. In that time she has helped me through divorce, suicide, and unemployment. Her readings are insightful and have helped me become a stronger psychic myself. I am a 30 year practicing witch and really like having a resource when I have experienced a new feeling or sensation from my rituals that need explanation or guidance. In some cases, I have asked for in depth readings for myself, and other times I have asked for Violet to interpret my insight to see if I am on track with my psychic powers. I highly recommend Violet and hope your experiences with her are as wonderful as mine are.

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Violet Iris

Violet Iris Psychic

Psychic Medium

Hello there! I’m Violet Iris. My skills and abilities are the results of naturally occurring phenomena and a lifetime of cultivation and development as a professional spiritual consultant. It is a privilege and honor to be in service to the health and maintenance of communication with the divine known within each of us, and to assist my spiritual brothers and sisters in connecting with loved ones in alternate dimensions of life force expression. I am an intuitive empath; said another way, I am able to feel and experience the feelings, and often, thought patterns of the people, animals, and plants, in my environment. I am a psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant. I see, hear, smell, taste, understand, and know what has passed, what is, and frequently, what may be, based on the energetic/vibrational expression of multiple influences upon the seeker’s concerns. I am formally trained as a Psychic Medium and have been engaging in spiritual communication the entirety of my life. I engage in practice with energy as a matter of course with my attunement as a Reiki Master. Professional training as a Hypnotherapist lends illuminations to my practice with Astrology, Numerology, Pendulum, and Tarot tools for greater insight in resolving some of life’s tricky challenges.

It is my belief that every human being, animal, plant, crystal, and element is both a receiver and transmitter of universal life force energy. Therefore, it follows that anyone may develop their natural empathic, intuitive, psychic and even mediumship abilities. Each of us may find ourselves somewhere upon a continuum of awareness of our receptivity employing our metaphysical abilities. When we create the conditions for connection, we manifest contacts.

Consider the everyday radio as an example and metaphor for what it is to have psychic abilities. Radios work by virtue of receiving and transmitting unseen signals from an energetic bandwidth that exists for us, in an ethereal place. Some receivers are programmed to read signals from a very broad range of available stations (frequency attunements) and may transmit the energetic expressions of these vibrations with more ease than others. Sometimes, the weather or other technical difficulties may impede the signal quality. Other times, skies are clear, stars align just right, and tuning in is much more effortless. The fact is, all of us have abilities and natural talents in varying degrees! Should you wish to independently connect with your departed loved ones, guides, or angels, I am able to coach you toward achieving that contact. 

An old Irish proverb says “It is in the comfort of each other that people live”. It has been, and always will be, one of the greatest honors of my professional life to be serving as a facilitator to people in search of more clarity, compassion, healing, insight, and constructive forward movement toward accomplishing their personal and spiritual goals. To that end, I am available in the capacity of mystic consultant utilizing Tarot, Numerology and Astrological applications to facilitate the conditions for conscious expansion and mindfulness. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be at your service!

Consultations are available by E-mail, Facebook or Skype IM Text, Voice, or Video conferencing options are available for our sessions. Mediumship Consultations are a minimum of one hour. 

For all Services please email with three dates and times of availability for either a 60-minute or 30-minute consultation, which kind of consultation you prefer, and the areas of your chief concern or the name and relationship of the departed loved one you wish to connect with. I will respond to your request for service within 24-hours with instructions for confirmation of your appointment time. 

Due to the current state of global health concern, I am making myself available as a community service for three with a maximum limit of five gratis mediumship consultations per week for families who have experienced a loss in connection to the disease. These consultations are available as a first-asked-for, first-scheduled, appointment service. These will be offered for the duration of the global event. Consultations are available by appointment only. Please schedule your consultation via email by sending your request to . When you are selected by order of inquiry and availability, I will contact you by email to communicate about open appointment times for your convenience, along with instructions about how to prepare for our “Life after Life” connection. If you are unable to be scheduled the first week you request a consultation, your name will be moved to the next calendar week of availability until I am able to serve everyone.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Mediumship Services: 60-minute consultation: 222 USD

A Life after Life connection where I act as a facilitator of messaging between yourself and any nonphysical loved ones presenting for communication. This is also the session you would book if you were seeking coaching for making your own "Life after Life" connections

Mystic Consultation Services: 60-minute consultation: 222 USD

A Psychic Session where you may ask questions and I will use Pendulum, Tarot, and other esoteric tools to provide insights and answers for addressing your concerns.

Mystic Consultation Services: 30-minute consultation: 111 USD

A psychic consultation of thirty minutes to respond to curiosities or concerns you might have about love and relationships, personal development, or professional insights.

Mystic Email Consultation: 111 USD

A psychic consultation provided by email within 48 hours of your inquiry. These readings will utilize Tarot and Pendulum to respond to your questions.

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