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This is my second reading with Tsveti and what motivated me to consult her again was her warm and charming demeanour during my first reading. Tsveti is so knowledgeable on astrology and throughout the reading she articulated her words in a manner that was so easy to understand. What impressed me the most was how well prepared Tsveti was for my reading as she had clearly marked the upcoming transits, retrogrades, eclipses and their impacts. I will highly recommend Tsveti as I have found the reading by her to be engaging and extremely insightful.

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I've recently had a solar return reading with Tsveti, she has a beautiful energy and explained the tendencies for my year ahead and also answered all my questions in a clear, kind and compassionate way. It was very inspiring and uplifting and helped me to get ready and look forward to navigating throughout my year with optimism and excitement. I highly recommend her and I will definitely have another reading in the future!

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I am wholeheartedly recommending Tsveti for any astrological reading or questions. I have watched a video she did with Lada, and without any prior recommendations, I booked a reading. I am very pleased and I thought of sharing my testimony. She is very thorough and meticulous, and she also clearly explained to me my tendencies. I must admit I was blown away that someone whom I've never knew is able to tell me so many things about my behavioral pattern just by analyzing my birth chart. You can't go wrong with Tsveti, whatever your question is, related with astrology!

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I would like to thank for Tsveti’s thorough reading on my next year’s prediction. She’s very well prepared and so willing to share as much information as she can read from my chart. She went extra miles as an astrologer but a psychologist too. Thank you for being such a good listener and Tsveti did give a very good insight and advice on my future! I feel so much relieved after consulting her.

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Tsveti had given me a very thorough reading on my next year’s prediction. I am really thankful for her insight and direction, which I really need during this critical time of my life. I certainly feel Tsveti would like to help her clients to solve their problems. She’s not only an astrologist but a psychologist! Thank you for her being a good listener too!

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I am so grateful I got a reading with Tsveti! It gave me so much clarity about my talents and purpose in this life and also what steps to take. It kinda mapped everything out for me. I have already shared to my friends how much I would recommend a reading with Tsveti if you need help making decisions and get some answers. I'm very excited for life, finally I know which direction to go, thank you Tsveti for helping me see it.

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I just wanted to say, Tsveti is an amazing astrologer! I ordered my chart and it was so accurate that I then ordered my husband's chart as well as my two children. She provided amazing insight which is really helpful in understanding my children and helping them to excel in the areas of their charts that are highlighted.

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Thank you Tsveti! The reading was very insightful! You've offered clarity and perspective on things I may have taken for granted or undervalued in myself. Thanks so much and wish you all the best in your work! You're gifted 

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I had a life mission and vocation reading today with Tsveti! I was so pleasantly surprised with her knowledge of my midheaven and what I have been experiencing. Tsveti helped me see where I should be focusing my energies. I would highly recommend getting a reading with her.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart you’re knowledge and insight was point on. Everything made sense, your reading confirmed what I thought I knew but with much more light. It gave me the confidence to move forward with my goals. I truly appreciate your studies and your wonderful personality, you have a very loving and caring energy. Thank you for being so efficient, very grateful for your knowledge!    Much love and kindness to you  Kim 

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I loved my reading so much! I keep trying to leave feedback but the website doesn’t seem to be allowing it. FeeL free To share this:    Tsveti has such a beautiful energy about her! As an astrologer myself, I rarely get readings done on my own chart. However, I immediately felt drawn to Tsveti and I am so glad I invested in her! It’s common (especially with twelfth house planets) to have difficulty seeing the lessons or answers within your own chart. It typically takes a lot of personal growth and work to reveal what may seem so obvious to others. Tsveti held a mirror up to me with my reading and showed me what I had been (subconsciously blocking) unable to see. So grateful for her ...

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Tsveti Astrologer


I am Tsveti. In my local language, this means a flower.

I am an astrologer who is passionate about finding the true motives behind our decisions. I have always been eager to read and explore the depths of the human mind. It’s like a never ending story, where one thing solves to give way to another, then evolving to the next and so on.

I started learning astrology because I needed to find answers for myself and accept myself as I am. Gradually, I became more and more fascinated with how astrology helped me become a better me and supported me to accept my shadow by showing me that I have options even if I feel lost. Ever since astrology became a part of my life, I cannot stop exploring opportunities and see the silver lining behind the clouds. It made me anxious at times but also along with it gave me hope and strength, and choice. What I love about astrology is that it helps me go through turbulent times with more acceptance, empathy and kindness, always reminding me of how connected we all are, of the Unity of all things.

I have always been fascinated with how many secrets a natal charts can tell about a person’s character, life mission, professional pursuits and aspirations. Or how an obviously hard placement can be magically solved by planetary transits. Or how a natal chart is just like us - a living being – having a grand idea behind it. I would be happy to share my insights and help you on the journey to self-discovery and growth.

Be healthy and whole!


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Life Mission and vocation 30-35 min reading - zoom meeting or recording - $ 99

Annual Transits 60-70 minute zoom meeting - $199


Natal chart readings on 2 specific topics - 60 minute Zoom or pre-recorded reading $160

Birthday Horoscope - Solar Return Reading – 1hr recorded video $180

Partner Horoscope – Synastry Reading - 60-minute Pre-recorded Reading $210

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