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Lada about Trifon: "Trifon is one of my teachers-whom I sought out because of his reputation. I had the fortune to learn from the best and now I am honored to work with Trifon and present his work to you! Trifon is steeped in ancient Vedic and traditional Western astrology but his forte is his powerful intuition which makes him stand out from other astrologers. He is regularly on TV and radio and as you will see, his knowledge is ocean deep and his talent many lives old! So happy to have Trifon on board!"

Trifon Nikolov is a famous Bulgarian Astrologer, who has been studying and using Western, Classical (Babylonian, Hellenic, Arabic) and Vedic astrology for more than 20 years. He is famous for his astrology prediction for the future of Bulgaria and his research on finding the correct day of the Establishment of Ancient Bulgaria, unknown to historians. He is a co-author of astrological books on this theme. He is also published in respected astrology magazines and is a regular guest on National TV. Trifon teaches an exclusive Vedic astrology course in Varna, Bulgaria where he is currently living. He has been working with clients for many years and is recognized for his correct predictions in all spheres of life: love, career, health etc, using ancient Egyptian, Indian and Greek knowledge.

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Testimonial from a client:


I wanted to tell you I had a love reading with you on April 15, you told me to look out for car trouble until May 22, today the car exploded on the highway while my partner was driving but he survived and I warned him after I had the reading with you. Thank you so much !!! This was the most accurate event anyone has ever predicted for me you saved mine and daughters life.

Here are my services

One extensive life theme reading with primary directions $139

Relationship and Love Horoscope Timing with Arabic Lots and Profections. $170

Timing of marriage and love using profections. Comparing the horoscopes of a couple with ARABIC lots. Contact Trifon to schedule a reading

30 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov: $100

30 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov

Money & Wealth Horoscope with Trifon - $200

Contact Trifon from the contact form to leave him your birth details and questions

Extensive Analysis of One Life Theme: $86

This horoscope looks in depth at one aspect of your life: Finances, Love, Career, Health, Relationships, Children, etc. It includes the weaknesses and strength in that area, plus a short and long term overview of the developments there.

60 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov: $190

60 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov

1 Year Business Horoscope with Trifon $200

Month by month break down of financial and business trends. Astrological advice on best business choices. 

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