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I feel like I finally have gotten an actual astrological reading for the first time. Trifon's readings are very thorough, very straightforward, VERY accurate. I cannot tell you how many tropical reading I have received that told me nothing more than I could piece together from my chart and online research - all cookbook Saturn in the 4th, issues with the father bullcrap. Trifon's take on my placements were so spot on - none of the psychobabble. His detailed reading covered cycles in my life so masterfully. He is matter-of-fact, but caring and kind. IF you want to spend your money wisely, Trifon is a sure bet. I FINALLY have some insight into my life and clear answers to chart questions and life ...

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Very intrigued by your knowledge and wisdom concerning astrology and your psychic ability. Very gifted!

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Thank you Trifon, for all the info on the Ancients Astrology, I always look forward to hearing from you. You provide important information for us all who have woken up, such big changes ahead for Humanity and the Earth. I live in England, and so many people have no idea of these huge changes ahead. I embrace without fear all that has to come, we need these changes for a better, fairer, more equal world in the coming years ahead.. Much love to you and your family X x

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I had two readings with him. He is very kind and considerate. He predicted that I would move abroad last year and I did. Also he pointed out many things about my chart. I would absolutely recommend reading with him.

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Hi everyone, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with Trifon’s expertise and insight as an astrologer. From my 30 years of experience with readings and being a tarot reader myself, he possesses a deep understanding of astrology and its various intricacies. His ability to interpret complex issues within my chart with such ease and accuracy was truly remarkable. All these years I thought I was an Aquarius event though I deeply felt that I was a Capricorn & it was explained to me for the first time in my life that I understood so clearly the difference between Western & Sidereal astrology. I have consulted with many astrologers in the past, but I have never encountered someone who possesses ...

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Really enjoyed my reading and I felt that I learnt a lot from you. You gave a lot of your time for the reading and went out of your way to explain a few things. You picked up that my dad was not ok which was spot on, I look forward to all the positive comments about my love life coming true. Will book again. Thank you so much.

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Trifon is amazing , this man is truely exceptional and so accurate its scary . If you havent yet tried him i may suggest it will be the best thing you ever dod if you need guidance and clarity into your life ! Thank you Trifon your the BEST !!!! Love Joyce

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Thank you for my reading Trifon it was very insighful and helpful to me . Lots of validations spot on and thank you for helping me with my issues regarding health

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Trifon was the first professional astrologer to read my chart- I selected him “specifically” due to his no nonsense demeanor and vast knowledge of the “fixed star” stories in a chart- and I was not disappointed! Now- one year out past my year overview reading- not only was he able to identify “seemingly crazy” truths about my life (such as the fact that I in fact had a part of my spine out at the base of my neck in a surgery as indicated by the beheading star of Algol prominently in my chart) but he was also able to explain quite accurately a failed marriage as well as predict a person coming into my family into the next year (my son indeed got engaged and we adopted) as well as ...

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I had a reading with Trifon last year and he told me to be especially careful of a lung related illness around a certain time and that there would be a temporary crisis for my partner at the same time. It played out as he said. We are both fine, and looking back on the reading, I was not as careful as I should have been during the time frame he gave. Knowing that the crisis would be temporary was helpful. We are all well now, but Trifon called it. He shared exactly what he saw with a compassionate and honest delivery. I highly recommend Trifon for a thorough and accurate reading!

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Hello: I wanted to tell you about the amazing but tragic ancient astrology prediction for November 2021 that you made that came true where I live that no one could have imagined. You said the beasts will suffer and in particular cows and that there would be food loss and supply interruption In Canada in the southern part of the province of British Columbia we had unprecedented floods that have killed THOUSANDS of cattle, chickens and other animals and destroyed other agricultural food. All the highways to Vancouver, the largest port in Canada have been closed due to flood damage as well as railways. The supply chain has been totally interrupted. It has been a huge shock and has affected supply ...

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Hi, Trifon's knowledge and work is fascinating! I had a reading with Trifon few weeks ago and was a great pleasure to talk in person! Trifon is very knowledgeable, clear and comprehensive in his communication! He considers different techniques to confirm his predictions, and course of events for a specific theme in discussion! He indicated specifically periods and significant events (from past and future), related to planets activations and aspects at the time, very accurate and grounded explanation, totally makes sense! Looking forward to a next discussion!

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I am just writing to say thank you for introducing Trifon to your services. I just had an extraordinary reading . We connected very well in ways I never had experienced before with other readers. I feel very re-assured and conforted now from his advices and recomendations done for me and for my son. I'm so looking forward what the future unfolds. He was very kind and calm giving his advices. Thanks once again. D

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Trifon is so accurate.! He knew that I lost a pregnancy in January and that my income would double by the end of this summer. I was double promoted last month.

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My extensive life theme reading with primary directions reading with Trifon was the most accurate reading I've ever had, including exact years and periods from my past, present, and future. Trifon warned me and adviced what to do to make the difficult periods easier. I am definitely a Vedic astrology fan now. Thank you Trifon :)

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I have had multiple readings with Trifon, and he has provided me with insight and guidance especially through a very difficult phase in my life, which am currently going through. He was accurate with the things he mentioned and or warned me about including unexpected events. I highly recommend Trifon for his services.

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I had a reading with Trifon on April 15, 2019. Trifon revealed to me during the reading to be careful during the period of April 17 to May 22 with my vehicle because their may be issues that I could not see. I warned my husband since he uses the car for his buisness. On Saturday May 11 my car exploded, there is nothing left but a shell of a car, I sent a photo to Trifon and I thanked him for saving , my daughters, partners and my life. We were aware that this could happen and everone made it out of the car alive. Thank you Trifon! I have never had such an accurate reading with the time and actual event happening this way in my life. Trifon is a gifted reader and its my honor to recommend him ...

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I am absolutely fascinated by astrology and what an amazing tool it is. Trifon provided insight and advice in a kind and thoughtful manner. I enjoyed speaking with him, and if you are looking for a reading I recommend getting one with him. Thank you Trifon, I appreciate your help.

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Need to follow up with your clients.

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Extremely interesting and enligtening reading with Trifon. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at myself and my life. So much makes sense now that I didn;t understand. My next steps have become clear! I highly recommend!!

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Trifon Astrologer

Sidereal Astrology

Lada about Trifon: "Trifon is one of my teachers-whom I sought out because of his reputation. I had the fortune to learn from the best and now I am honored to work with Trifon and present his work to you! Trifon is steeped in ancient Vedic and traditional Western astrology but his forte is his powerful intuition which makes him stand out from other astrologers. He is regularly on TV and radio and as you will see, his knowledge is ocean deep and his talent many lives old! So happy to have Trifon on board!"

Trifon Nikolov is a famous Bulgarian Astrologer, who has been studying and using Western, Classical (Babylonian, Hellenic, Arabic) and Vedic astrology for more than 20 years. He is famous for his astrology prediction for the future of Bulgaria and his research on finding the correct day of the Establishment of Ancient Bulgaria, unknown to historians. He is a co-author of astrological books on this theme. He is also published in respected astrology magazines and is a regular guest on National TV. Trifon teaches an exclusive Vedic astrology course in Varna, Bulgaria where he is currently living. He has been working with clients for many years and is recognized for his correct predictions in all spheres of life: love, career, health etc, using ancient Egyptian, Indian and Greek knowledge.

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Testimonial from a client:


I wanted to tell you I had a love reading with you on April 15, you told me to look out for car trouble until May 22, today the car exploded on the highway while my partner was driving but he survived and I warned him after I had the reading with you. Thank you so much !!! This was the most accurate event anyone has ever predicted for me you saved mine and daughters life.

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60 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov

Money & Wealth Horoscope with Trifon $200

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2024 Personal Horoscope with Trifon $299

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One extensive life theme reading with primary directions $200

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The Important Fixed Stars in Your Horoscope. 1 Hour live or recorded $250

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30 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov $150

30 Minute Reading with Trifon Nikolov

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