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I just found you for the first time this morning, your wonderful reading! I feel like it really is for February I am virgo with scorpio rising and i have been feeling some of these impulses and directions you spoke of in the reading! You remind me so much of an old friend and long time mentor/ intuitive healer I used to work with for years, in the best of ways. I feel I connect with your energy and your work and am so glad you are feeling better! I have to make ANOTHER physical move transition in the first half of this year or sooner, that is very reluctantly clear to me so i will be contacting you probably for a half hour reading before I make a decision. I am claiming that this time i choose ...

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 Thank you. EVERYTHING you said was spot on. p.s. Last time we had a session you told me you thought we were a married couple in another life...and that he was an alcoholic.

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Dear Teri, I can’t thank you enough for an amazing reading last night. You uplifted my spirit and reassured me that I am on the right track in life. It is amazing how you answered all my questions that I had written down in my notebook prior to the session; it was 100% spot on for what’s going on in my life. I believe in your gift and thank you for your generosity of spending extra time with me to make sure that all questions are answered. I surrender to my angels because I know they are with me, guiding me every day- I can stop my fears now. Thank you for being part of my journey!

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Hi Terry Loving your readings and intuitive videos. Learning lots , and becoming enlightened . ???? Hope you have a great week. Cheers

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Her Reading is so amazing! I'm absolutely amazed on how accurate she is!. She blew me away with her knowledge and insight ! She's so relatable too! If you need a reading and clarification go to her ! I am truly grateful!

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Thank you soooo much Teri, I 'm still grasping how spot on your reading was. My body was in a constant tingle with all the truths you spoke. The insight you gave me the confidence to trust in myself and the spiritual path that is unfolding. So excited to see were this lead and full of Joy thanks to Teri. Much Love and Mahalos to this beautiful Spirit of Love and Light.

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Teri Psychic

I am Teri Hunter, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach.
Intuitively, I am clairsentient, which means I really don’t know, how I know what I know. I just feel stuff and know! And I’ve known stuff my whole life, drove my family bonkers. As I’ve matured I have learned to trust that knowing as something beyond myself.
When someone requests a reading, prior to the session I ask them to connect/meditate/pray to their guides/angels and write their concerns/questions down on paper. You can ask anything you want. This list acts like an invitation to the Angels into the space for a spiritual conference call. From my end, prior to I meditate, inviting only energies equal to or higher than my own into the space. When the session starts I connect to my clients and the energetic momentum of their question(s) starts coming through. My angels/guides show me, through a series of impressions similar to a memory, triggering my own experiences that mirror the ones that apply to what is going on in my clients life. This “memory” can be of a tv show I saw the night before or an old boyfriend from years gone by or a series of numbers. Side note: this is where all the crappy experiences of mine have been turned into tools for empowerment and I can finally bless the broken road.
While it may appear that I make predictions, I believe I see how much momentum you’ve got going. Once you jump out of the plane there’s no getting back in. If the momentum is such that you’re excited, awesome. If not, Spirit will give guidance on how to shift and align with your deepest desires. 
My work with the Angelic realm/Guides & Masters is to empower others to claim their lives, to reconcile challenging experiences and transform using spiritual tools/exercises/awareness/focus/astrology.
If you need to reach me more quickly my cell/text is 949-903-3385 in Pacific Standard Time, USA ONLY, all other inquires must be submitted via email! 

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

60 min reading via Skype with Teri $120

The service is delivered within one week (5 business days). If urgent, a 24 hour turnaround is available, but the price doubles.

30 min reading via Skype with Teri $60

The service is delivered within one week (5 business days). If urgent, a 24 hour turnaround is available, but the price doubles.

The Changes the July Eclipses will bring you $89

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