Sianna Astrologer

Intuitive, Sound Healer, Reiki Master

I am Sianna Lyons, Intuitive, Sound Healer, Reiki Master

As a child in a small town in Massachusetts, I was always drawn to metaphysics and the hidden realms for as long as I can remember. As well, I began singing as soon as I could speak and used music to soothe myself from the youngest of ages.

When I had my first psychic reading in my 20s, I was given two pieces of information that would change my life: one, that I had an innate ability to heal with my hands. That confirmed for me that what I’d been experiencing prior to that, a warm energy emanating form the palms of my hands - was not my imagination.

The other piece was that my soul’s journey on Earth began in the ancient civilization of Atlantis, where I spent thousands of lifetimes in the temple societies of that time; that sound was then and always has been my “soul’s vehicle”; that I was a healer and advisor in the crystal chambers.
I knew nothing consciously about Atlantis at the time, yet the reading rang true for me on the deepest level, that place beyond logic.

Since that reading, in addition to pursuing singing, songwriting, and composing, I’ve studied and experimented with the more subtle, esoteric qualities of sound...everything from basic cymatics to modalities including tuning fork energy field balancing, singing bowls, Mongolian overtone chanting, and Rife frequencies. I’ve also extensively studied and practiced numerology and crystal healing; my certifications include: Reiki Master and teacher, Animal Reiki Healer, Naturopath, and Hypnotherapist.

As Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” We are finally re-awakening to the ancient knowledge that sound always affects matter and when used with intention, knowledge, and skill, can be used as a catalyst for dramatic transformation and deep healing.

I’ve been privately practicing for about 20 years and over time I’ve combined my skills and knowledge into my own unique healing style that I call Lyons Sound Health, offering highly personalized sound healing for the full range of emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that manifest into physical illness over time.



My visits with Sianna have always provided me with relief from sickness, everything from headaches to chronic joint pain.  I highly recommend her.   - Margaret R. 


The thing I love most about my sessions with Sianna is that her voice transports me to another place, almost like sleeping but I’m still aware, like being carried by the sound.  Afterwards, I feel calmer and more energized at the same time.    - Alina G.


As someone who was skeptical about sound healing, I can attest to the fact that you don’t have to believe in it for it to be effective.  Sianna’s tuning fork and vocal toning work absolutely worked to dissolve my crippling anxiety.  - Bill M.


I strongly recommend a visit with Sianna.  Her methods quickly alleviated eye strain/pain on two occasions and a problem with chronic vertigo on several visits over a number of weeks.  - Federico G.


A combination of Reiki and Sianna’s special sounds worked miracles on my OCD, including healing acne that I had battled for years.  - Jesse D.


When Sianna worked on me, I was in long sleeves and pants so she couldn't see the bruises on my left arm where I had a bad fall the day before.  She went straight to that area with her forks and also to a spot on my face where I lost feeling years ago during a botched surgery.  The bruises were at least 50% better after the session and healed quickly thereafter and I had pain relief in my meningeal nerve for a full 48 hours afterwards.  - Gael P.

Here are my services

Sound Remedy 40% off NOW $120

Using your name, date of birth, and some other relevant info, I will create for you a personalized recording to treat whatever physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual issue you’re experiencing.  This “healing mantra” will be created by synthesizing my knowledge of  healing frequencies and the human biofield, the meridians of the body, astrological and numerological cycles, and a healthy dash of intuition. I’ll record a unique remedy just for you and send you an mp3 with instructions on how to use it.  

Chakra Balancing 40% off, NOW $12

This deeply relaxing 30 minute recording will put you into a receptive state in which your body, mind, and spirit will experience alignment, attunement, and balancing.  Energetic blocks will be released as each chakra, and all of the organs and body parts that it rules, is brought into vibratory balance with the use of ancient overtone chanting, harmonic codes that carry tremendous healing power.  I use the 7 ancient Solfeggio tones and the rays of color that correspond to each chakra.  I’ll send an mp3 with instructions on how to use it.

30 minute Sype Reiki/Sound healing $60

I will use my voice, tuning forks, and crystal bowls to work on any imbalances or, if you have no issues, just deliver a private sound bath; think of it like a massage for your aura.

60 minute Skype Reiki/Sound healing $100

I will use my voice, tuning forks, and crystal bowls to work on any imbalances If you have no imbalances, I’ll give you a private sound bath,  like a sonic massage.

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