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This super rare blend of money and astrology knowledge is a superpower! Sama really got me to stop and just focus on why my husband and I were investing in the first place. Our decision to just act now was all completely worth it. We would have lost everything in the market in 2022. We’re SO happily retired this year!

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Sama Astrologer

Astrologer, Business consultant, Coach

The art of life: How can we balance going with the flow while exerting our will? 

So many people see the world as a place where somebody else has to lose in order for them to win. In reality, the people who are the most successful and most happy in this world are those people who've helped the most amount of people. 

With this work there is one mission: Use the scientific method to forcefully push the boundaries of what's possible with Astrology to the benefit of people.

How can we use Astrology to help you realize your fullest potential? To make a difference, to live without permission, fully let go and be you?

Although Astrology helped my personal development, coming from the corporate world, I needed to see data and statistics tied to predictive techniques to see how useful Astrology could really be. 

What I discovered was incredible.

Some want an edge. Some want healing and clarity in self-understanding. Some just want to position themselves where energy is flowing for the best outcome for their life. 

In the end, the secret is, what we all want is choice. We want to choose the outcomes we get in life. 

When accurate results count, training and experience matters. 

We want readings that show us that our decision to act now was all completely worth it. 

Let's use Astrology to improve your choices now.

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Reviews working with Sama

“In case you don't remember me, you gave me a reading on March 24, 2021. I'd like to let you know that as you told me in my reading, I got a job this month! Also, you mentioned seeing a potential job with "roots/hidden/underground", and one of the two companies I was interviewing with was a Cannabis platform company! I'd like to pass on the gift from my SO of a reading with you, and gift a reading to my friend!” 

“The readings you gave my executives were all we could talk about at dinner during the retreat. We changed our mission statement. We reorganized several departments (air people with fire, etc.) and used your flawless timing to buy out 4 competitors for pennies in 2021. One hell of a year in profits! Truthfully, best consulting money I’ve spent in a long time, really gave us an edge and turned our team into a family.” 

“I was listening to my reading while driving, and you shocked me. How from star constellations you precisely identified childhood traumas and their root causes, it just hit me, made me pull over and shed tears nonstop. I felt so seen, things no one else has. Your insight, clarity and guidance you gave me show you genuine care, like a good friend. I’m honestly happier and closer to who I want to be every time I invest in our sessions” 

You will receive a recording (NOT LIVE READING) within 3-12 weeks for the readings below

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

The MORE MONEY! Reading $500

THE Financial Reading on career, talents, sources of wealth, your Part of Fortune, 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house, 10th house, 11th house, Lunar nodes, millionaire & billionaire aspects (if any), and all chart potentials for money. Are you entrepreneurial? Should you start a business? Should you invest, or have others invest for you? Want more money, then here's how. Let's find out now! You can ask 3 specific questions to be answered in addition with this reading

Electional Astrology $400

Find the perfect date down to the exact time to start an event! When to launch your business, get married, sign the deal, whatever it is, timing is everything. Tell me all the specific details about your activity, and I will give you up to 1 year's range of dates with specific times to begin your event so that it has the best birth chart possible for lasting success - $400

Your Personal Constellations - Comprehensive Fixed Star* reading $350

Comprehensive Fixed Star* reading – Discover the hidden mythology of the constellations (nakshatras in Vedic Astrology) behind your 7 traditional planets, your karmic nodal energy, and your natal chart's destiny point - $350

Natal - Your Birth Chart Reading $350

Discover who you are with a complete foundational reading. Your 12 Houses, Planets, MC/IC, Important Aspects and Yogas explored with depth and rare techniques - $350

Solar Return / Your Year Ahead $350

Explore your year ahead (a great b-day gift). You can ask 1 specific question to be answered in addition with this reading - $350

Executive Business Reading / 1 Year Ahead $700

An investment for business owners only. Month by month exploration of financial and business trends for your business. Astrological and professional consult on the best business choices possible for the year. You can ask 3 specific questions to be answered in addition with this reading - $700

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