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Everybody would love and enjoy a session with Rumen. It is so rich. I just had a natal chart analysis with him using ancient Babylonian astrology and it was incredible, inspiring, and amazingly accurate. Rumen is also such a nice, humble, and very knowledgeable character with wide readings among many cultures, civilizations, and astrology systems then he blends all that for you in your reading. I liked very much his interpretations of my natal chart aspects because they resonated very accurately with the general theme of my life so far and with specific incidents (that he does not know). He tells you about your fixed stars and what they mean in your life, about strengths in your character and ...

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I had the pleasure of receiving a natal chart analysis with Rumen a little over 2 years ago. At the time Rumen predicted great things to come as a result of astrological timings via his astrology program Placidus. Rumen accurately described my life events and my personality from my planet and horoscope placements. Rumen and his analysis was spot on and I waited this long to provide feedback simply due to the timing of the events to come. I have such faith in Rumen and his techniques that I have since bought the astrology program, Rumens books and other information. If you are after an accurate birth analysis from an expert in ancient astrology do yourself a favour and consult with Rumen! He ...

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It is impossible to sleep still feeling the brilliant and insightful reading of the heliacal cycle of Venus I experienced with you today. It was very inspiring. I am on the edge of all you expressed of this natal Venus to be reborn and ready to dive in to the experience of this heart opening to universal love and feel deeply the blessing of this. As an astrologer I have an understanding of Venus and how her rays have enlightened me in this life. Of why this Venus and the teachings she has imparted. I feel very fortunate to have received these important pieces in your explanation of the heliacal cycle of Venus at this time in my life when the cycle has reached the point of a new dawn. Venus is ...

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Rumen really helped me understand why I had such a dark night of the soul in the past 2 years. He explained how the planets will be affecting what is happening for me in my future. I felt that I learned an incredible amount of information that I’ve never had insight into before. This is bc Rumen read my chart using his own techniques that he has learned from studying ancient texts from the lost books of Hermes. He went to Egypt a few years ago to study these ancient texts. There is too much to say about the richness of what Rumen brings to a reading. I honestly didn’t need to go deeply into what this world event means for me. I am understanding it for myself in a very spiritual way. I am ...

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To touch the light and wisdom of ancient astrology, to walk the path of knowledge hand in hand with Rumen is an incredibly unforgettable spiritual experience of a lifetime. Without realizing I slipped into forgotten worlds, never wanting this experience to end. Thank you, Rumen.

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Lada, your teacher was excellent!!  

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Rumen Kolev

Rumen Kolev Astrologer

Ancient Astrology



I am honored to present Rumen Kolev - one of the best known astrology scholars by all serious astrologers in the world! Big names in astrology from around the world travel thousands of miles to attend Rumen's lectures or order his books on ancient astrology. Rumen has single handed revived and brought back to existence the forgotten lore of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian astrology through his translations of long lost manuscripts from Latin, Ancient Greek and Akkadian. 

Rumen is the teacher of all my teachers - Tzvetemira Borisova, Trifon Nikolov, Krasi Attasia, and he has graciously agreed to offer his services and insights to Astrolada's viewers and clients!

A reading with Rumen will be like getting a reading from a Babylonian priest of the King! He uses observational astrology--watching the stars with the naked eye rather than just through software, and interprets the omens of the stars the way ancient seers did, noticing the brightness of the stars, the color of the planets and clouds at specific times, reading the symbology of the constellations. Rumen uses Babylonian siderial zodiac and tells you the story of your life through the pictures of the skies. For example having your Sun or Ascendant on the horns of one of the animals from the constellations of Aries, Taurus or Capricorn will make you literally horny! Having a prominent planet in the heart of the Lion, will make you a leader in this life, having an important horoscope factor in the constellation of Lyre, will give you extraordinary musical talent. Amazing insights from a leading edge researcher and LEGENDARY astrology Rumen Kolev!

Rumen Kolev has created a unique software: Placidus which is the only in the world programmed with ancient astrology methods, helical phases, babylonian zodiac constellations, profections, primary directions and much more. 

Please keep in mind that it takes a few days to answer all the emails! Rumen will get back to you as soon as possible and contact you on your email with all the details about your reading! 

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

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60 min with Rumen Kolev $250

An overall interpretation of your whole chart with ancient Babylonian astrology 

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