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 Rumen Kolev

Rumen Kolev Astrologer

Ancient Astrology

I am honored to present Rumen Kolev - one of the best known astrology scholars by all serious astrologers in the world! Big names in astrology from around the world travel thousands of miles to attend Rumen's lectures or order his books on ancient astrology. Rumen has single handed revived and brought back to existence the forgotten lore of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian astrology through his translations of long lost manuscripts from Latin, Ancient Greek and Akkadian. 

Rumen is the teacher of all my teachers- Tzvetemira Borisova, Trifon Nikolov, Krasi Attasia, and he has graciously agreed to offer his services and insights to Astrolada's viewers and clients!

A reading with Rumen will be like getting a reading from a Babylonian priest of the King! He uses observational astrology--watching the stars with the naked eye rather than just through software, and interprets the omens of the stars the way ancient seers did, noticing the brightness of the stars, the color of the planets and clouds at specific times, reading the symbology of the constellations. Rumen uses Babylonian siderial zodiac and tells you the story of your life through the pictures of the skies. For example having your Sun or Ascendant on the horns of one of the animals from the constellations of Aries, Taurus or Capricorn will make you literally horny! Having a prominent planet in the heart of the Lion, will make you a leader in this life, having an important horoscope factor in the constellation of Lyre, will give you extraordinary musical talent. Amazing insights from a leading edge researcher and LEGENDARY astrology Rumen Kolev!

Rumen Kolev has created a unique software: Placidus which is the only in the world programmed with ancient astrology methods, helical phases, babylonian zodiac constellations, profections, primary directions and much more. 


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

DISCOUNT 30+ min Full Hyleg-Alkokoden-Almuten Reading $180

Heliacal Babylonian Chart Analysis, Full 30 mins +, 140 USD (as per Venus Video)

LIVE or Pre-recorded VIDEO HOROSCOPE!   Full analysis of your Venus with Babylonian Astrology Behind each of Venus Heliacal Phase there is a Goddess revealing herself! Are you the charming Ishtar of Uruk or the heroic Ishtar of Akkad or the mysterious Ishhara? Venus appears in 5 different zodiacal signs in a cycle which repeats every 8 years. This is the Pentagram of Venus.  This is the Pentagram of Venus of Life. The Pentagram of Venus of Death, in contrast, shows the 5 signs in which she disappears! Thus, there are 5 different Ishtars of Uruk and 5 different Ishtars of Akkad and 10 Ishharas... Which one is you?  Are you the lovely Ishtar of Uruk born in Taurus or the powerful magician Ishhara born in Scorpio? How is positioned the Venus Pentagram in your chart?  Where is Venus born and where does she die in your chart? The Pentagram of Venus is slow-moving in Time.  Her 5 beams occasionally change signs. When a beam of her Pentagram of Death enters in your ascending sign- expect heart-breaking separations and betrayals! When a beam of her Pentagram of Life enters in your ascending sign- expect Love, Money and Happiness! These are 9-months periods.  When will they be in your Life?  

15 min with Rumen $60

Contact Rumen Kolev with your birth details and questions from the contact form or contact us at:  

30 min with Rumen $110

Contact Rumen Kolev with your birth details and questions from the contact form or contact us at:  

10-15 min Hyleg-Alkokoden-Almuten Reading $80

60 min with Rumen Kolev $200

Contact Rumen Kolev with your birth details and questions from the contact form or contact us at:  

Heliacal Babylonian Chart Analysis, Condensed 10-15 min description, 60$

Pre-recorded VIDEO HOROSCOPE!  Under which fixed Star are you born?  What is its Meaning and Babylonian Divinity? Which Planets make heliacal phase in your chart and when? In which year of life will this take effect? Your Babylonian birthday and the Babylonian Divinity of your lunar Day and month in the Babylonian  Calendar... Every year in your life corresponds to a day in the Babylonian Calendar and this is connected with a Divinity- Which are These?

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