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Im so impressed by Roma. She is very good. I wish i had the option to book a reading for 12 months prediction. I trust her knowledge !! Thank you !

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Testimonial for Roma: “My Motherhood Moon chart reading with Roma was well worth it. She has a rich understanding and knowledge regarding the Moon’s influence in one’s life. She nailed my child’s personality and needs, while giving me wonderful suggestions to help my child throughout the different stages of life, and offered the same for me. She is intuitive, understanding, and professional. I gained a much deeper understanding of my spiritual purpose and karmic path in this lifetime. I highly recommend a Moon ???? reading with, Roma.” ~ Jacquelina

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Roma Bemat

Roma Bemat Astrologer

Counseling psychologist, astrologer

Roma Bemat
Counseling psychologist, astrologer

Currently live in a small village in Africa

A chart is read traditionally from the perspective of the Sun.

The Sun carries male energy. It defines our active, public life, our career and our goals.

These are beautiful aspects of one's life and they can neglect the sacred feminine.


While feminism did a lot of good for us, opened opportunities and there is still a lot which needs to be conquered- it set the male ideal as the point of measurement for success.


This is not correct for women, this is not a source of strength for a woman.


It can burn her out, make her age before time, her fertility drops, the ability to nurture herself and others declines.

In order for a woman to be in peace with her strengths she needs to nurture her Moon.


The Moon represents our ability to care for ourselves and others, our emotional reasoning, our emotional mind and mental health, our ability to attract money as opposed to chasing it.


A neglected Moon rids us of this magic.


In years of counseling - and it started out as a curiosity- I used to look at the person's chart.

I noticed that if I spoke to them in accordance with the Moon energy

healing took place faster.


For example when the Moon was in a fire sign or well aspect by Mars, I spoke with more assertiveness.

If the Moon was in Pisces the individual responded best to a spiritual approach, to faith rather than initiative.


Then the age of Aquarius did the rest and I melted astrology with psychology by taking the main life areas and seeing how they can be nurtured according to the Moon.


This resulted in a list of little, tailor made activities.

It was the prodigy of a tailor made emotional health approach.


Not a main stream check list.


When an individual applied these activities in their life they reported results within a week to 10 days.


The areas of life which require a good Moon were significantly strengthened.

We had miracles like people entering into healthy relationships after years of being alone and even a menstruation coming back after months of absence.


I observed that the activity of nurturing one's Moon is powerful but I did not know it would have such a domino effect on the overall life path within such a short period of time.


That was the birth moment of the Moon chart and I believe it was given to me to be given to you.



-) How do I work with clients


I take the DOB, birth time, birth place and place of residence.

I cast a chart and make a summary of the positioning of the Moon, sign, degree, the aspects it receives.

We look at how to use the good aspects and how to strengthen the challenging ones.


For the motherhood chart the mother's and the child's birth details are required.


At the end of the reading I concretely summarize the activities to nurture the Moon.

I narrow the activities down to their utmost simplicity. I refer to it as the butterfly effect.


A pdf with the summary is send to the client and we schedule a video call in order to go through the chart together.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

1 hour Skype/ Zoom Moon chart interpretation $150

The Moon is our psychology. If your psychology is strong it allows for a better navigation of life. 80% of your current life is your psychology and 20% is your skill, strategy. Your psychology is not a passive concept but something you can exercise control over. This interpretation allows for understanding your Moon (psychology), its house, its sign, its aspects. The aspects will help to identify the weaknesses of one's Moon (psychology) and the strengths. We shall understand how to use the strengths and what exercises can be applied to nurture the weaker areas. What will be needed for this reading is your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and willpower ;)

Moon chart reading $80

Motherhood chart $120

Understanding how to speak to your child so you are being heard and nurturing the unique needs of the child

Transit chart for 6 months $100

This will include the supports and the blockages which are to be expected in the upcoming months. How to best use the good transits and how to prepare/ remedy the challenging transits.
This will include a list of auspicious days in the upcoming months.

Birth chart with remedies $100

Every birth chart has some blessed aspects and some challenging aspects. It assist going through life smoother when one knows which supports are energetically on one’s side.
The remedies lean on Vedic astrology and vast shastra and assist in neutralising, conquering the challenging aspects.

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