Richelle Astrologer

Astrologer / Tarot Reader

My name is Richelle, I am your friendly and honest Canadian Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Card reader! I have been practicing both tools over 13 years now!
I am a Pisces Sun, Virgo Rising and Libra Moon.
Astrology and Tarot came to me at the tender age of 12. Both tools came to me naturally, like past life knowledge (My Jupiter in the 12th)... and ever since, both tools have helped me and others immensely through the years.
 I am able to help you gain clarity, guidance, self-knowledge as well as self-understanding. Both Astrology and Tarot Cards are great tools to gain insight and helps us in understanding ourselves, as well as the people in our lives or situations and events that occur, or could potentially occur. Both can be used to peak into our past, present and future, as well as karmic lessons.
With Astrology we can look into your weekly/monthly/yearly transits and better predict and plan your life as well as important events and decisions! Curious about your compatibility with a particular person? We can look at your synastry with Astrology! Or if you prefer guidance from the cards to a specific question or simply want to ask the cards what it is you need to know, both options can provide you with valuable information as well as some much needed clarity!




Here are my services

Answer to One question $30 for a limited time only till Feb 19th!

Contact Richelle from the contact form to leave your question and birth details

30 Minutes $45 for a limited time till February

Richelle answers your questions through astrology / Tarot via Skype or as a recording. Please specify which one you prefer from the contact form, where you can leave you details and questions.  Richelle uses solar returns and transits for predictions, birth chart analysis for life themes. 

60 Minutes Skype or Recorded Astrology reading $75 till Feb

You are welcome to contact Richelle to send your birth details and questions from the contact form.   

30 min Compatibility $50

You are welcome to send Richelle your and your partner's details and any specific questions you might have in the contact form. 

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